FTL related (historically or otherwise) to Sundog: Frozen Legacy?

#1 Posted by Vanlain (5 posts) -

I remember back in the day I played Sundog: Frozen Legacy by FTL games religiously on my Atari 1040ST. Does anyone know if there is any "relation" here? I saw the quick look screen shot and flipped thinking someone FINALLY remade Sundog 2! You can't deny the similarity here...and the original dev FTL. Dungeon Master anyone?



#2 Posted by BisonHero (9444 posts) -

@Vanlain: It definitely seems like a throwback to that game and a couple others from that era, and I'm sure the devs would acknowledge that. The difficulty, the style of strategy/tactics, and the graphical aesthetic do seem to harken back to the days of late 80s and early 90s PC games, back before it was all about flashy 3D graphics, and I think that was a very deliberate choice by the developers.

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