Guys, the Captain's Edition Mod is fantastic.

#1 Posted by berterbertez (41 posts) -

Essentially it is to AE what AE is to regular FTL. It is a huge compilations of a bunch of community made mods in one extremely well made package. It includes a ton of new events and weapons, stuff to do in empty jump gates, a system for buying and selling goods for extra scrap and a whole bunch of other stuff I haven't encountered yet. As far as I can tell all the new content is pretty balanced and fits into the game. As someone who had found the game to be getting kind of stale it tottally revived my interest. You guys should totally check it out so if only to get some strategy discussion on the new stuff.

You can download it here.

#2 Posted by geirr (2630 posts) -

Aw I thought this was going to be Picard-related.

#3 Posted by dodgyc (70 posts) -

I completely agree. Highly recommended. Fired up FTL:AE after watching the QL yesterday and didn't find it too different. Once I installed the Captain's Edition, I played for 6 hours straight (I don't know if that's a good thing...)!

There's even an 'Infinite' option for it, which gives you the option at the end of every sector, to either jump 'closer' to the Federation ships for 10 Fuel, or continue to roam around deep space (same sector) for 1 Fuel. Of course, everything is scaled up to balance this out :)

#4 Posted by MachoFantastico (4786 posts) -

I'll check it out, I liked FTL but I to got bored of it a sooner than I'd hoped.

Thanks for the tip.

#5 Posted by Rowr (5793 posts) -

Def will check this out at some point, cheers for the heads up.

Didn't realise this game had any sort of mod community/support.

#6 Posted by StarvingGamer (8364 posts) -

How do you install mods on an iPad game? :P

#7 Posted by xite (911 posts) -

Wow this looks awesome. Gonna have to try it out

#8 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (923 posts) -

Huh. Might have to try this out. FTL never really grabbed me, not with the new update either, but this... seems to add enough for it to be more interesting. Might just get me in. Or would this just make it harder and more difficult for me if I haven't really played vanilla FTL?

@starvinggamer: Well... you don't. You install the mod on the PC version (or Mac or Linux if the mod works there).

#9 Posted by gaminghooligan (1462 posts) -

Oh wow, this looks awesome!

#10 Posted by Silan (30 posts) -

If you want an introduction, TotalBiscuit made a "wtf" of the game with the mod:

#11 Posted by Roboculus92 (527 posts) -

Looks like a lot of nice additions. Great work modding community!

#12 Posted by pyrodactyl (2167 posts) -

That sounds like THE SHIT! Thanks for the heads up.

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