How the hell do you fight drones in FTL?

#1 Posted by pinner458 (1055 posts) -

I googled but couldn't find anything.Like when you're in a fight and an attack drone either circles your ship or the enemy ship, I click on them with a charged weapon but nothing happens...

#2 Posted by hidden81 (86 posts) -

You gotta take out the relevant system on the opposing ship to disable them.

#3 Posted by Evilsbane (5151 posts) -

You have to have an Anti-Drone...Drone or disable their drone subsystem or hack it, the drones themselves are not targets.

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You can't attack drones directly (though they can be hit by weapons if they stray in front of them weapon I think) but you can take out the drone control room.

#5 Posted by pyromagnestir (4386 posts) -

@lyisa said:

You can't attack drones directly (though they can be hit by weapons if they stray in front of them weapon I think)

Yeah, this is true.

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Cool thanks guys. Fucking loving this game btw, been sitting in my Steam library for like 10 months. I know how much the Bomb Squad always praised it, I just wasn't willing to put the time sink in...

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@pinner458: For what it's worth, the drones that circle you ship are mostly regular laser hits, or sometimes beam weapons, so having a solid shield helps a lot. As others have said, if you want to actually combat them directly, there is an Anti-Drone Drone that will circle your ship defensively and occasionally stun enemy drones attacking your ship, with a small chance to randomly destroy the drone. And yes, you can destroy their drone room so that the drones will have no power.

Getting the Anti-Drone Drone (probably not the actual name, but it's close) isn't always going to happen, so I just recommend upgrading shields early and often. I prefer to get to 3 layers of shield in most games, while also maxing out engines so my ship dodges half of everything.

#8 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7467 posts) -

It is possible to time shooting the drones down when they go in front of your weapons; though not especially important/the enemy will usually just relaunch another one.

#9 Posted by Warmachine (97 posts) -

@pinner458: As others have pointed out you can combat drones by:

1). Taking out the drone subsystem in the enemy ship

2). Deploying your own Anti-drone Drone which will attack enemy drones around your ship

Or you can act defensively by:

1). Adding more shields

2). Increasing shield recharge rates (either with the Shield Recharge Booster augmentation and/or manning that system)

3). Increasing your dodge chance by upgrading your engines and/manning your Pilot and Engine systems

All that said, I usually act more defensively with drones and put use all my offense (weapons and boarding) to take out their weapons

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