Need More FTL (Faster Than Light) What Would You Recommend?

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Starflight was the first game to show me the joys of space exploration and what a (somewhat) realistic take on the concept of "Boldly Going Where No Man had Gone Before" could really do. Mass effect while a great series in its own right made some promises near the start of development that gave it more of a slant in this direction where going out and finding your own adventure was, if not THE focus a much larger part than it obviously ended up being by ME3 becoming a pretty linear affair. But this concept I feel has not been fully captured in anything since the Starflight series, landing on planets, scanning resources, meeting hostile or friendly civilizations going where you want to go, you know captaining a starship. Hopefully one day they will make a game that is just a modern version of this but while I wait I have a question for you fellow duders...

I just got back into FTL in a nasty way, for a game that is so small and has such a straightforward vision I really feel like it is just a step into a truly fantastic way to play a space sim, the combat model the top down ship controls combined with the ability to land on planets and choose between infinite sectors of space would be mind boggling even if it was kept in the style of how FTL is designed now (No 3D little overhead) I want this so bad and the question I honestly came to ask is if there is something I missed I want more FTL now is there a game that try's to emulate this concept with any level of success? Also does anyone else share this want I feel like it is such a basic thing I am shocked that there is nothing like this if they could pull off Starflight on a Tandy 1000 what could we do with an i7 and tools that allow content creation to happen so much faster?

EDIT: New FTL Expansion could not be more stoked.

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You want Star Control 1 and 2 seriously if you want a combination of the resource gathering of ME 2/3 the ship battles of FTL the Negotiations of Star Trek and the ever looming threat of destruction at every turn Star Control is your game and even better Star Control 2 got remade open source as The Ur Quan Masters available here

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Galactic Civilizations 2 is pretty good

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Flotilla is kinda similar, if not a lot more simplistic. There's a quicklook if you want to check it's the kind of game you're after.

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star command is ftl-ish

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@mrfluke: Its FTL-ish but in a far lesser way. If it was what the makers planned originally yeah would be equal or better than FTL however its more FTL-lite. Which I don't think is a good move.

I back Star Control 1 and 2 as well.

Now...I am going to throw out a balls to the wall suggestion. Its FTL long before FTL. It was Mass effect before Mass effect.

It was Star the same time as star control...... It was Xcom the same time as Xcom.....

I suggest ...dont listen to the name...ignore the name. I suggest.

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More accurately the Genesis/megadrive version unless GOG has it around. As it is a pain to play on a pc...not because of dos. Because of DRM back in the day. It starts up and asks for passwords and to search passages in the manual. This was to prevent piracy back in the day by making you need the manual.

Here is a video to show it off in basic on genesis. Dude is just showcasing it but he dosnt like it so just go by look no him playing.

This is a slow...24 minute review of Buck Rogers on pc. It its more an overview explaining everything....and there is alot. The main difference is PC version has a dungeon crawling view for moving around, while Genesis has an isometric view as shown.

So lets run down on Buck rogers. You start off creating your crew, race, class,stats and sprite. You run around in an isometric view of a base being attacked. When you encounter an enemy it goes into battle mode which is like Final fantasy your stripped away into a now battle world which is the same as what you were walking around. With enemies around, so now you are in a Xcom style strategy battle . You finish and loot their corpses for new gear.

You come out of those battle and end up on a ship eventuality. YOUR ship. You equip it with stuff and go to places you want to go as I recall.

The key thing is when you attack an enemy ship you control pretty much exactly like FTL. You can even board them and walk around their ship and do the Xcom like battles.

It is a hard and quirky game but it is going to fulfill your needs if you can play it.

And if your a crazy person and dont understand why I told you to ignore the name. This is why.

It was based on a tv show...which barely means anything to the game.

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Give Space Pirates and Zombies a try. It's if Freelancer was made a top down game (in terms of play style) except not any trading. Lasers! Randomly generated galaxies! Hundreds of weapon upgrades! Multiple ships to control! Lasers! Lasers!

Not anywhere as tactical as FTL as it's real-time, but lots of cool ship designs. I think I paid around £3 or $3 for it during a Steam sale and put over 50 hours into it. And you can switch on the damage numbers so they fly off every enemy as you shoot them in a satisfying way.

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Yeah wait for the new expansion. Not much else plays like it.

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More people should try and be playing Bionic Dues. A lot of the same elements of FTL, but can be played either rouge or with regular save options. Its the best new game i played this year that i paid less than $10 and totally addicting. It doesn't hit with everything all at once, but when it does, damn so good.

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You could play the board game Battlestations. FTL is a pretty faithful rip of the boardgame, but Battlestations has many expansions that add quite a lot to the original game. It's a lot of fun with a few people.

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Ask and thou shalt get MORE FTL cannot wait for the expansion!

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