Post Your Killer Ship Set-ups

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My favorite part of games like this is getting the most over-powered ship/character I can by the end (see Binding of Isaac), so post here to show off your best ships!

I was having a lot of away-party fun with this one
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I unfortunately didn't capture any of it on screenshots so you'd have to trust me but my two victorious ships were:

The Kestrel, 7 crew, 3 shield bars, 25% evasion upgrade, 3 burst lasers Mk.2, 1 standard starting rocket launcher, 1 repair drone, 1 defense drone Mk.1 (alternating the drones and weapons), some random cheap blast door, life support and helm upgrades. I think I really lucked out with those three low power - high efficiency lasers. Seemed powerful as all hell. I had the 15% faster weapon recharge, stealth weapons and cloaking to top it all off too.

The Osprey, 8 crew, 3 shield bars, 25% evasion upgrade, 20 second recharge on the beam superweapon, 1 burst laser Mk.2, 1 pegasus launcher, 1 ion blaster (the one that inflicts 2 ion dmg for 2 power), 1 fire bomb (never used the latter or got a chance to sell & alternated pegasus and ion), 1 defense drone Mk.2, 1 repair drone (alternated the drones) + random cheap upgrades like above. Other than that I had long-range scanners and drone recovery arm.

I made it to sector 8 two more times. Croaked with a drone and ion dmg focussed Engi ship on stage 2 of the boss and got utterly destroyed with the Kestrel immediately upon fighting the boss. Fun times. Now I've got to get some more ship designs!

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My winning run was with th kestrel, halberg, breach missiles and burst laser mk2. Competent but not great. My true strenght lied in my mantis men deathsquad who took down the entire crew of the flagship with support from the ship to take down there med bay.
My pilote and engineer were also a great team, pushing my evade rate to near 50%.
Shield to level 3

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First winning run was Kestrel, 8 crew.

Had the 3 damage beam weapon, breach bomb, burst laser mk. 2.

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Nisos: For the first and third forms Dual Shot/Heavy Laser/Breach Missiles/Pegasus, 2x Anti Ship Drones, for the second form replace the missiles with 2 Burst Laser Mark 2's, beat the first 2 forms in about 15 seconds, last form hit my weapons a few times and delayed the inevitable by another 30 seconds or so.

I had 2 automated reloaders, not sure if they stack (if you find a second one you can replace something else with it)

Edit: Oh I guess I had the Artillery beam fully upgraded too, not that it was needed at all.

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This one was ridiculously easy
I made some stupid mistakes on this one, but squeezed out a win (was sad that killing the crew of the boss didn't trigger a win)

@Fredchuckdave said:

Nisos: For the first and third forms Dual Shot/Heavy Laser/Breach Missiles/Pegasus, 2x Anti Ship Drones, for the second form replace the missiles with 2 Burst Laser Mark 2's, beat the first 2 forms in about 15 seconds, last form hit my weapons a few times and delayed the inevitable by another 30 seconds or so.

I had 2 automated reloaders, not sure if they stack (if you find a second one you can replace something else with it)

I'm not sure how it works when you find it from an encounter, but the game doesn't let you buy a 2nd item from a shop if the effect doesn't stack.

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On easy I had the Stealth,

saved up for a shield and got it to 3 bubbles

had 3 bars of cloak

almost fully upgraded engine

A Burst Laser 3, a Mini Beam, and a Pegasus launcher

Then had 2 drones Anti-personel and Sys Repair\

But it all wasn't enough for Stage 2 of the Flagship-of-death

i had a kick ass 4-manti boarding-party-of-death with full teleporter by sector 5 that would have helped, but I didn't realize that if the enemy ship has 1 bar of hull left I REALLY shouldn't have my boarders take down the systems lol

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Here's a fun one: Carnelian (Type B Crystal Ship): Teleport death squad of two mantises and two crystal guys, using lockdown liberally to murder everyone and take out their weapons. Didn't even get weapons until like sector 5, didn't use them until the last boss. You start with cloak, a 4 square teleport, and 3 crystal guys. Weapons wound up being Burst Laser 2 and Burst Laser 3, and an anti ship drone to bring down the uber shield. Took maybe 3 or 4 hits from the last boss, but thanks to Hull Repair finished with full life.

For auto drones I just cloaked and got the hell out of there.

Final Score: 2843 (Normal)

Ships Destroyed: 1

Beacons explored: 86

Scrap Collected: 1395

Crew Hired: 11

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Finally managed to get "Givin' her all she's got", bought the last power bar in my final jump, much to my joy.

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A Kestrel with 3 burst laser 2s, a hull laser, the quick reload thingy, 5 engis and 2 of the energy dudes (my entire original crew died). One engi carried me to the end when I bought a bunch and got super lucky with quests.). My ship was unstoppable. It literally couldn't break because the engis could repair so fast.  I timed all the lasers to fire at once so it would always break through maxed out shields and cause damage. For each phase of the boss fight I just targetted that speciality first and then won. The fight that is drone-focussed he caused no damage because I shut down the drones then targeted the missiles.

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@Ben_H: Haha, yeah, Burst Laser II is easily the best 2-power weapon in the game. It just has so much damage potential/shieldbreaking potential, and most other things with that much potential end up requiring 3 power.

Also, I'd like to point out that all of the screenshots in this thread have the Ion Blast II. Probably the single most useful weapon in the whole game, since it will tear down the shield so quickly even with the occasional miss, so in a sense it enables all of your other weapons to function to their fullest. It's one of the reasons the Engi ship often has such a strong results.

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@BisonHero: Yeah with one or two of those and an Ion Blast to disable shields you can kill practically any ship effortlessly.
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What's all this about the Ion Blast II? I thought it was really weak. On my first run against the rebel flagship (in a Torus), I had an Ion Blast, some weak laser, and an anti-ship drone, and I believe I was spamming all of these against the flagship. Even though I had taken out all its weapons, it just recharged its shields faster than I could take them down, so I eventually committed suicide (maybe it was strategically using cloak to give itself time to recharge). Am I missing something?

Hmm... I didn't get a lot of weapons that run - I basically had just the ion blast and an anti-ship drone for most of the game - so I usually tried to alternate hitting shields and weapons. Maybe I would have had better results by focusing ion blast on the shields, and hammering systems with something else.

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Ion Blast 2 is great because it is very fast firing allowing you to get through super shielding fast or keep down normal shields or completely suppress a system (or even 2 systems). It's a very efficient weapon for the minute amount of power it uses. 2 of these are enough to keep almost any enemy ship in complete lockdown (bar the boss). You just need something else to do the actual damage, like other beefy weapons or a boarding crew. In FTL no weapon is enough by itself in the later stages.

But with only a single Ion Blast 2 a weak laser and an anti ship drone you were simply way under gunned going against the boss. (your only controlled damage source being a weak laser).

The fact that you made it that far with such a small arsenal is kind of a testament to the power/effectiveness of Ion Blast 2 in the first place.

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Ah, I see. Thanks!

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Probably the best setup I've had so far
3 Ion Blasts work surprisingly well

For the Red-Tail, it had 6 laser shots to break through shields, a halberd to take out critical systems, and an ion bomb to clean up whatever it missed. On top of that, it had a weapon pre-igniter, automated re-loader, and shield charge booster as augmentations. I also unlocked both the mantis and slug ships on this run.

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Didn't have a picture, but I will describe my ship setup to you so that you can understand I am a monster.

Engi ship. Drone recovery arm, Hull repair drone, anti-ship drone 1.

2 Ion blast 2s and a Fire beam.

I maxxed out everything and had a full crew by getting lucky and getting an ion and fire beam early. Once I had the second it was cake to disable all of a ship's systems then use the fire beam to burn out the entire crew. Once the enemy crew dies you win all ship battles, and get substantially more loot, as well as the occasional weapon and crew member.

On the last battle I had a cargo hold full of secondary weapons, but kept to my original double ion + fire beam combo. With 4 shields and a hull repair drone (by this point I had like 30 drone part sets) I could just tank damage forever while the enemy flagship burned.

That's..about it.

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I still haven't beaten this's impossible and anybody who says otherwise is a dirty liar and shall be banned

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