The Rebel Flagship is REALLY poorly designed

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#51 Posted by crazyleaves (666 posts) -

Two ions, one missle, two drones, cloak maxed and two shields. Fuck that thing.

#52 Edited by Mercer (210 posts) -

I've never beaten this goddamnt thing past phase 2 and I almost had Phase 2 with TWO HULL on the flagship and they JUST barely got their shields up right before my halbred was going to rip them a new one FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCKKKK!!!!!

But had i not lost my Mantis boarders a couple sectors back, i could have beamed into the main portion of the ship and kicked ass. Or been lucky enough to find a launcher since i was sitting on 40 goddamn missiles lol

EDIT 2: AAAAANNND I beat the bitch, thank god for that Pegasus missile system i found. BREACHES...BREACHES EVERYWHERE MUAAHAHA

#53 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

I hate how you can have a great strategy that works the entire game, but then not be able to beat the boss because you need a specific set up to do it. That goes against the fundamental design of the game in my opinion.

#54 Posted by debesciak54 (2 posts) -

I see the topic was abandoned 2ys ago, but now the AE has come and things got more interesting. I beat that mofo on Easy with a maxed Kestrel B. Was so lucky to get the Vulcan and the Swarm launcher. Makes dealing damage a LOT easier.

#55 Posted by FinalDasa (2501 posts) -

@debesciak54: Don't reply to 2 year old threads like this. Thanks!


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