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Fubuki Omae is the ruler of Hakugin Fortress. She lures the hero party there by impersonating Kinu's mother, Princess Aya, and staging a fake abduction with the help of Dr. Deron. After completely freezing Manjimaru, Kabuki and Gokuraku, Fubuki reveals her true self to Kinu, and exultantly confesses that she has murdered both of her parents. Hearing this awakens Kinu's hidden demonic power, however, which she then uses to dismember and kill Fubuki.


Seen only in the PC Engine CD version.
In the original PC Engine CD release of Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru, Fubuki suffers a gruesome assault from Kinu, where her left arm is ripped off, as is the right side of her face. However, to avoid a restrictive CERO rating, all ports and remakes of the game that followed have had this scene modified.
In the DS and PSP ports, Fubuki's arm is violently broken by the invisible power, but remains attached to her body. The blood from her face being slashed remains intact.
 The cinema was redrawn with significantly less violence for the remakes.
The Gamecube and PS2 remakes were toned down even further. Kinu does not attack the arm or face at all, but rather uses her power to put an agonizing squeeze on Fubuki's body. The only visible blood is that which splashes from a wound created off-camera.

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