Weekly Giant Bomb Tournament?

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UPDATE: Going to try for Sunday, March 27th at 1pm (pacific time). Send a friend request to GB Poker if you want in! I'll be sending everyone who's playing Full House Poker a game invite through my gamertag (Lukeweizer).
 Howdy all,
After being disappointed with the Texas Heat live show this past weekend, I thought about how I'd rather just place a tournament. So I came up with the idea of having a weekly Giant Bomb tournament.
A few things I was thinking of;

  1. I think there has to be a minimum of 5 people in a game for it to start. 30 being the max.
  2. I was thinking of keeping it cheap for now. 0 - 500 for the first couple times?
  3. Thinking of doing it on Wednesdays around 6:30 pm Pacific (9:30 Eastern).
  4. The netcode being what it is in this game, can't even be certain people who want to join will be able to.
Seems like there's enough people for a friendly game. Hopefully more people will want in.
I've made a gamertag that you can send a friend request to if you're interested in playing. I'll be using that account to announce upcoming game nights (day and time). It's a silver account so I can't send messages as I had originally intended. So I'll be updating the Bio instead maybe?
Since there's already been concern about Wednesday nights, maybe we should a game on Sunday afternoons as well? Around 12 or 1 pm Pacific time (3-4 pm eastern) sound good?
Sunday March 27th will be the earliest game, so keep an eye for Live message from GB Poker!
#2 Posted by commandercup (525 posts) -

I for one would love to play in a weekly GB game!

#3 Posted by RecSpec (4578 posts) -

I'd be interested. My XBL is Boss RecSpec

#4 Posted by Electric_Zen (111 posts) -

I'm down for this

#5 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6652 posts) -

If this happened it would convince me to buy Full House Poker.

#6 Posted by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

Deal me in!!!!! 
Ugg, I'm loathe myself sometime...anyway, this sounds like a great idea!

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I'm totally up for a weekly tournament like this, but due to having a night class on Wednesdays that could go at late as 10:00 PM, I can't guarantee my attendance.
Still, this is a wonderful freakin' idea. I'm in full support of it happening.

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Someone should make a gamertag called GiantBombPoker and everyone can add it as a friend or something?

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@SamFo said:

" Someone should make a gamertag called GiantBombPoker and everyone can add it as a friend or something? "

I just created the gamer tag GB Poker. If you're interested in playing, send a friend request there and I'll be sending all friend messages for notifications of upcoming games.
As for some folks who can't make it on a Wednesday, how would having another game on Sunday afternoon around 12 or 1 Pacific time? Little more variety for people who can't make it.
#10 Posted by rentfn (1375 posts) -

I would love to but also have a class that goes to about 9:15 eastern. Takes me about 20 minutes to get home. It sometimes get out late but I added you to my friends list. I love any kind of poker...this sounds like a blast. Name is rentfn on XBL.

#11 Posted by RecSpec (4578 posts) -

My schedule is all fucked up. So most of the time I'll let you know on real short notice. 
This Wednesday is good though.

#12 Posted by Trace (3676 posts) -

In regards to the schedule issues, Sunday certainly works for me around that time.
I'm not trying to say the Wednesday time is bad, either -- it's actually quite good, but sometimes I'm only able to arrive home by 10:00 PM or 10:30 PM EDT from certain classes, depending on the teacher and curriculum. That would include this next semester, unfortunately.

#13 Posted by commandercup (525 posts) -

I sent a friend request! I'm up for pretty much whenever, so I'll be looking out for some invites.

#14 Posted by GeneralGrey (81 posts) -

Looking forward to this - should be a lot of fun!

#15 Posted by Superdude201 (68 posts) -

Added the gamertag : ) but i don't have the same schedule every week so it may be hit or miss whether i can make it

#16 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1864 posts) -

I'm terrible at regularly showing up for anything, but I just picked up the game. Will this be an open room I could just pop into?

#17 Posted by ICryCauseImEmo (525 posts) -

This should be really fun I'll be adding GB Poker.

#18 Posted by Trace (3676 posts) -

Well, it was a small tournament today, but it was quite fun nevertheless! I was appropriately punished for a few too many bluffs and weak hands, and both knockouts involved heavy pocket pairs out of nowhere. I just didn't have the cards or guts to be competitive today.
Good stuff, and good playing against both of you, Lukeweizer and GeneralGrey!

#19 Posted by ICryCauseImEmo (525 posts) -

:( my friend forced me to play Reach kinda sad I missed out on it today.  Can't wait to get in on the action next time.

#20 Posted by Lukeweizer (3061 posts) -

I have to find a way to notify all of you more efficiently. The best I can do right now is updating the GB Poker bio (since it's a Silver account, I can't send messages.) So just keep an eye out for that. 
Thanks to those who joined in and those who wished they could. Keep you guys posted on the friend's list situation.

#21 Posted by GeneralGrey (81 posts) -
@PsEG said:
" Good stuff, and good playing against both of you, Lukeweizer and GeneralGrey! "
Likewise!  I enjoyed myself immensely.   Thought everybody was pretty conservative today though - need some more chaos next time :) 
Thanks again to Lukeweizer for going to all the trouble of putting these together.  It's appreciated!
#22 Posted by RecSpec (4578 posts) -

Sorry I couldn't make it tonight. Work + College Basketball mayhem. 
I'll try to make the next one.

#23 Posted by Twiggy199 (551 posts) -

put my chips in!!!!

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