So if I get a Wii U...

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This is the reason why. For some reason I have this sick fascination with the game and I want it, badly. I've watched Jeff's play of it twice, once live and again on the Twitch archive . Then the Quick Look. I'm concerned there's something wrong with me because I've come to the point that if I had the money to burn I'd do it in a heart beat if I could pick up this game with it. And unfortunately, state tax dollars WILL give me the money to burn in a month. Maybe I love it because it's so bad/gimmicky. I mean, I bought Cookin' Mama and ate that up because it was so bad, hopefully that's all this is. And worst case scenario I get something I can watch Netflix and Amazon streaming on without having to use my computer.

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Buying a whole console because of one game you know is kinda bad/janky seems like a horrible idea, but your cash, your choice!

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Do it!

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You're weird.

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These are all things I know to be true. I'd promised myself I was done with consoles because of how prone they were to failures these days, but... I don't know. I think I just need to do something absolutely awful for myself.

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Seems like the only logical thing to do here is to make a snap decision and buy a WiiU and a copy of Funky Barn. You don't want this thing to haunt you in your dreams until the day you you?

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i hear you dude, i currently have sealed copys of 360 launch games. love buying and having but not enough time to play.

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