Funky Student's DNA Test Result

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We all know about the controversy surrounding who fathered our eternal leader, Funky Student. It's been the topic of every talk show imaginable, from Maury and Jerry Springer to Dr. Phil and Ellen Degeneres. It's an issue that has intrigued people all over the world for months now. But, as some of you may remember, some private detectives were able to track down a few men who were deemed to most likely have fathered Funky Student. They then voluntarily took DNA testing and it turns out that one of them was indeed our figurehead's father.

Who was it, you ask?

Why, this man, of course.

If you need a specific name, you're missing the point. What matters now is that one of life's greatest mysteries has finally been solved and our grand leader, Funky Student, can put it all behind him once and for all.

Let's share in this joyous occasion together and down sake until the roosters remind us we should have gone to sleep hours ago.
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I don't get it.

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And the blood test determined... You are NOT the father.

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CL60 said:
I don't get it.
Of coarse you don't... It's a joke.
#5 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -
TooWalrus said:
CL60 said: I don't get it. Of coarse you don't... It's a joke. [more]
I still don't get it.
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Sometimes deriving rationality out of something inherently insane is just a lost cause. This is very much so one of those instances.

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That man is nowhere near funky enough to be even affiliated with Funky Student.

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