Funky Student's Political Influence

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#1 Posted by Pepsiman (2782 posts) -

It's been a while since the Funky Student forum has gotten some love, so let's rejuvinate it with a bit of, ah, intellectual discussion.

I think everybody knows by now that Funky Student's influence on all of our lives cannot be overstated. From the manner in which he casually poses his riddles to being the only person in Yasogami High to sport an afro, Funky Student is one of the most profound figures to walk the earth. I don't think anybody will deny that and if they do... well, they're simply unenlightened and just require a bit more time to see the light.

Now imagine a time in which Funky Student's influence also affects world politics. Hell, let's just suppose that in the near future, Funky Student, through some sort of revolution not conducted by myself or other fellow cultists members, becomes the leader of the free world as we know it. More powerful than the president. More powerful than the pope. Even more powerful than the food that Vinny and Jeff eat in that virtual fridge every day. What sort of leader would he be? What would he do for (or to) the people of Earth?

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#2 Posted by Weltal (2304 posts) -

Funky Student would unite the world through his riddles. His platform will be an open ended riddle that will mean something different to everyone who attempts to solve it, in their attempts the people of the world will gain understand and insight and compassion for the ideals and religions of the world. World peace will reign and Funky Student will preside over this universal peace. That is, until he poses the Armageddon Riddle and the world is wiped clean for Funky Student to begin again.

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#3 Posted by Kane (380 posts) -
@Weltal: THIS.

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