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Furiae is Caim's sister and an important character in the game Drakengard. She is the royal princess of a conquered kingdom, as well as the Goddess of the Seals, a vital role for people of her lineage. Before she became the goddess, she was betrothed to Inuart. Furiae was hesitant to become the goddess as it bears a huge responsibility, but she had to accept it. The Union tries to protect her from the Empire which needs her in order to complete their plan.


Caim is largely successful early on while defending Furiae from the Empire. Furiae is secretly romantically in love with her brother, which is why she called off a previous wedding. However, her former betrothed, Inuart, joins the Empire and uses his new found strength as a pact-partner to defeat Caim and kidnap her. She is taken to the leader of the Empire and partially possessed by the gods. Caim tries to rescue her, but when he arrives, the gods reveal her secret to Caim, who cruelly looks away with disgust. Filled with shame, Furiae kills herself.

In other endings of the game (there are five total), Furiae will either die in the destruction of the Empire's flying fortress or becomes a hideous demonic creature when Inuart attempts to resurrect her with a Seed of Destruction. In no ending does she survive.

Drakengard 2

Although Furiae does not physically appear in Drakengard 2, it is revealed that she and Inuart entered into a Seed of Destruction, resulting in the creation of Nowe.


In the English version of Drakengard released in North America, Furiae, like several other sexually controversial characters, had her storyline edited. In Furiae's case, this meant the removal of all references to incestuous feelings towards Caim on her part. Unfortunately, as the revelation of this secret to Caim was what drove her to take her own life, this means this event makes absolutely no sense; Caim arrives to rescue his sister, the gods talk through her about an unrelated subject, and then Furiae inexplicably commits suicide.

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