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The player controls any of the four differently coloured Tinies at one time and depending on the level, not all might be available. The game takes place over 8 differently themed worlds (such as Desert, Forest etc.), sporting 10 levels each. The game is a mixture of platformer and puzzle and the player has to use his Tiny's respective ability to overcome the obstacles in each level.

The four different Tinies and their special abilities are:

  • Yellow (Fire): Shooting fireballs
  • Red (Earth): Digging through walls etc.
  • Green (Air): Use ropes to pull objects and swing over gaps and chasms
  • Blue (Water): Dive underwater and shoot bubbles

This game was re-released in the US in1994 as Pac-in-Time, where the four different Tinies are replaced by Pac-Man who gains and loses the same abilities throughout the game, hoping that the better known Pac Man character would be more suited to ensure commercial success of the game.

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