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That pelican is nuts!

A simple action/platformer from Face, gameplay is what one would largely expect from a platformer of this era. Alice can move left or right via the D-pad; she can also jump. She has several means of offense. As is common in many platformers, she can jump on top of most enemies to squish them. In addition, she can shout " イヤ " (iya/no) at enemies; this can be charged up for up to three levels of power, resulting in a bigger "iya". Alice can get out of breath if you shout too much, though. There are also several types of magic at Alice's disposal.

MAGIC: These are the spells Alice can use. Alice begins with red magic; the others are found later in the game.

  • Red Magic: Red magic, when activated, can make hidden items visible.
  • Blue Magic: Alice's jumping height is greatly increased while this is active. This is obtained for clearing the Forest.
  • Green Magic: Alice summons a switch and presses it, causing an earthquake which damages all enemies on-screen. This is obtained for completing the Falls.
  • Silver Magic: Alice becomes invincible to enemy hits for a limited period. She can still die from falling in holes, though! Unlike the first three magics, this costs two MP to cast. Obtained for completing the Vegetables.
  • Gold Magic: Alice summons a Djinn from a lamp and it attacks all enemies for a period of time. It's very powerful. This costs 3 MP to cast, and is obtained for completing the Palace.

ITEMS: These are the items Alice finds throughout the game. Note that any stat boosts only apply for that stage; they don't carry over to the next.

  • Small Mr. Heart: Restores 1 point of Alice's life.
  • Big Mr. Heart: Refill's Alice's life meter and adds an additional heart to it!
  • Mr. Glove: Restores one point to Alice's magic meter.
  • Magic Book: Refill's Alice's magic meter and adds an additional stock!
  • Iya: Adds an additional bar of power to Alice's "iya" meter, allowing her to shout even stronger "iyas" at enemies.
  • 1up: An extra life.
  • Crystal: worth 5000 bonus points.


Alice is a simple country girl who loves fairy stories. One night while she was sleeping, she had a very strange dream. A white rabbit appeared, and begged for Alice's help; the dream world has been conquered by Mammon, and only Alice can restore peace and save the inhabitants of dream world! How can she refuse?


Secret spooking!


Stage 1: Alice begins her journey in the dream world through a forest, punctuated by occasional caves. The boss is a series of ghosts that live in a candy house. Maybe there's a secret down the chimney...?

Stage 2: Alice continues in the forest., through an area much the same as the first stage. For some reason, fish skeletons serve as ladders in the forest. This time the boss is an alligator who, once again, lives in a candy house.

Stage 3: The third stage of the forest. It's much the same. The boss is "Dangerous Pinocchio"; he is moderately more difficult than what Alice has faced so far. Alice rescues Cinderella after his defeat.

The tuba dog.


Stage 1: The falls area is, perhaps expectedly, full of flowing water. Eventually, Alice arrives at a castle only to encounter the gang of Ghosts from the Forest world. They have an extra member in their ghostly gang this time, but are still no real threat.

Stage 2: Alice begins this stage scaling a waterfall patrolled by dangerous teddybears named Pooh. The alligator makes a return this time, and although he's a little tougher, he's much the same.

Stage 3: More waterfalls and castles, and plenty of fish and seals to boot. Using the blue magic makes many parts of this stage much easier. The boss is a tuba-playing dog. Beware his sour notes, they pack a punch! His tuba also shields him from the front AND he shoots a large number of notes, so be patient! Alice rescues Snow White after defeating him.

Big carrots.


Stage 1: A giant vegetable garden! Alice works her way past overgrown carrots and daikon radishes. There are a lot of enemies in this area... even pelicans try to bomb Alice. At the end Alice encounters the ghostly gang yet again, but they have added yet another member to their masses. Won't they ever give up?

Stage 2: This part of the vegetables is heavily infested with spikey purple lizards. Speaking of lizards, our gator friend is back for more, but this time he has some new tricks up his sleeve, including spitting those balls he's always been spitting half-heartedly before with great force directly at Alice!

Stage 3: The climax of the vegetables. The enemies are out in full force! The boss is the Wolf, dressed as Grandma... Who could HE possibly have prisoner? Unsurprisingly, Alice rescues Red Riding Hood in this stage.

I don't care what anyone says. Any clown that can do that has talent.


Alice is finally here, nearing the end of her journey. But there are still more stages to go! This spooky palace is inhabited by witches, animate candles, clowns, and other frightening enemies. Alice battles the former King of Dream Land here; he has been corrupted by Mammon's power. Defeating him frees him from the spell.


Resembling the palace, the Nightmare incorporates aspects of all the previous worlds in to one major challenge. Eventually Alice arrives in a graveyard; waiting for her is Mammon herself. She starts off by turning in to a snake woman who spews eggs; then she turns in to a much more terrifying monster! Should Alice defeat her, peace will be restored to dream land. Don't give up!

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