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Future Wars is a turn based strategy game for the PC that was released on April the 7th, 2010. The game takes almost all of it's gameplay concepts from the Advance Wars series. Strong influences from this series of games can also be seen in the visual design and storytelling. It features several game modes including a single player campaign, multiplayer versus, multiplayer co-op (humans vs AI), and play by e-mail. The game was released at £6.99/$9.99 but has since had it's price permanently cut to £3.49/$4.99. It is available exclusively on Steam.


As previously mentioned, the gameplay in Future Wars is almost identical to that of Advance Wars. The player has currency which is accumulated through the possession of factories and cities. This currency can be spent on units, which can then be used to fight the other players units or capture factories/cities. Only infantry units can be used to capture points, the vehicular units are mainly used to back up the infantry units when they are attempting to capture a point. The units use a simple rock paper scissors system of deciding what is effective against what, which gives the game a simplistic feel.

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