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Developed by Pixel Painters, Fuzzy's World of Intergalactic Space Golf is a colourful and bizarre 18-hole rendition of minigolf.


Conveyor belt obstacle.
The game differs from most minigolf games in that you must maintain a negative score in order to continue - if you complete a hole under par you can carry over any strokes you didn't use. If you ever reach zero, however, it's game over. Combined with the often difficult courses, Fuzzy's World is an extremely difficult game to finish.

Played from an isometric perspective, you click on the ball and drag in order to choose the power and angle. Practice is required in order to make some of the banked shots as the fixed viewpoint can play tricks with your eyes.

Most of the courses feature a twist on your typical course, whether it's a rocket that carries the ball to the next hole, low gravity, or conveyor belts.

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