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Developed by 7th Level, Inc., the G-Nome franchise had, from a media perspective, a history of being overshadowed by more mainstreamed games, such as MechWarrior and StarCraft. The original release, G-Nome, has become one of the most-celebrated cult classics video games, signifying a flawed, yet substantial gameplay that has led many hopeful fans to wish for a continuation of the franchise. Midway through G-Nome's development, the game's producer, Todd Porter, had been actively entertaining the idea of leaving 7th Level to team up with John Romero and Tom Hall. When Porter did leave the studio, he brought the half-completed RTS spin-off, Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 to Ion Storm, Inc.. This ultimately set the stage for the fall of not only G-Nome as a coherent franchise, but of 7th Level and Ion Storm.

Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 proved to come at great cost to Ion Storm, with the budget and production time being multiplied tenfold. Early impressions to the game were mediocre and considered not on level to archaic games like Warcraft II. The game was released on the day that the highly-anticipated StarCraft beta began and eventually became one of the greatest financial failures in the history of video games.

Since then, the intellectual property of G-Nome remained with the collaborators from the now-defunct 7th Level, as Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3's publisher, Eidos, did not acquire the rights to the content from the first game.


Released in 1997, G-Nome was 7th Level's first 3D product that has arisen as a fan favorite amongst the cult community.

The story takes place on the distant planet of Ruhelen, where the four factions of the Union Alliance, the Darken Republic, the Bendian Mercenaries and the Scorp Empire are constantly at odds with one another. Retired Union operative Sergeant Joshua Gant is called back to duty by General Allance Wilkins, who informs him of a human genome-based biological weapon developed by the Scorp that could jeopardize humanity's security if brought to fruition. The sergeant must traverse the territories of the separate factions in a covert mission, in order to destroy the creature and the facility where its kept. Across four diverse climates, Gant assembles a team consisting of his friend Stephen Kylie, the genetic scientist Victoria Thane and his unscrupulous former squad member, Jack Sheridan. Once the mission at the pinnacle of success, however, Sheridan betrays the Union and makes off with the G-Nome, with the intent to clone and mass-produce the creature himself. After tracking and eliminating his nemesis, he finds that the G-Nome is actually what remains of his long-lost best friend, Ron Pearl, who was assumed dead at Sheridan's discretion.

Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3

Released in 1998, Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 was an RTS game that was Ion Storm's first product. It serves less as a sequel to G-Nome, than as a spin-off.

The story takes place at a time and place not related to the original G-Nome. At the third planet of the Gift system, an advanced and lethal artificial intelligence is detected. The Darken, Union, Mercs and the Scorp attempt to negotiate, but this is fruitless and all parties involved realize that full-out war must take place on the surface of the planet, in order to further their own individual goals. Depending upon which race is utilized, the story plays out in said race's favor and when the artificial intelligence is finally reached, it activates, killing every living thing on the surface of the planet.

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