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Track Editor 

What made G-surfers stand out from other racing games of it's time was the Drive-To-Create track editor. Though due to the technical limitations of the playstation 2, it was not as fluent as one might have hoped, this game truely was the origin for really elaborate track editors. 
When starting to create a new track, the user is placed on a enormous to-scale representation of earth (without any city's or roads though). Here you can fly around to whatever spot of land or sea you like and choose it as the starting position of your track. You can even enter the geographical coördinates of your desired location. When creating a track, you can just hold the X button to advance it with a small amount and use the analog sticks to steer it left and right or up and down. Banking can be done with the shoulder buttons. After the track is layed out the player can start working on the scenery. A large amount of props are available, like skyscrapers,  billboards, tunnels and ofcourse powerups. The track color and width of desired parts can be changed aswell.
There are also a huge amount of tutorials available, each of which contain new techniques. These can only be unlocked by playing through the single-player mode however.

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