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Head of the Exchange on Nar Shaddaa, G0-T0 (pronounced go to) was originally designed by The Republic to oversee the reconstruction of Telos IV.
The character of G0-T0 is obviously influenced by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey both in the appearance of his ocular sensor and in the similarities between the character's origin and HAL 9000: G0-T0 was designed with two primary directives: To produce strategies for re-building The Republic and to obey Republic laws; the droid malfunctioned when all of its most logical strategies fro rebuiliding the Republic required breaking republic laws, this caused it to break the latter of its primary directives in order to follow the former.
This resulted in it forming a smuggling ring on Nar Shaddaa, whihc while illegal, did benefit the Republic by destroying destabilising factions and strengthening poorer, more easily ignored Republic worlds by creating unofficial profits which benefited those worlds.
In order to establish the smuggling ring G0-T0 created a holographic persona called Goto and a deception that Goto was the leader of The Exchange who refused to meet anyone in person and used his droid as an advocate.

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