Sony buys Gaikai

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I don't think they will do anything more than retrocompatibility.

But it would be cool if they did.

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This is the future. Why charge 600$ for the ps4?

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You don't buy something unless you are going to USE something. They didn't partner with Gaikai according to sources - they bought them - that means all the current deals and all the abilities are in Sony's hands until they run out...if EVER. That means Sony can put Allan Wake on a PS3 or Vite...whatever...if they just make a browser for those platforms that does the job. Sony can put that in TVs just as Samsung as done as well.. In fact Sony would want ALL HDTVs to have that because they want to make money of Gaikai

Now going forward Sony will have to write some interesting deals with developers taht were once though of as PC only. Microsoft might get nasty, but the whole point of Windows development was the open platform, so getting in the way of developers writing deals with Gaikai will cost MS money. Microsoft saw PC development as part of their XBOX backyard, but now that is on more unsure ground. From now on, where PC ports go will be very fluid - Steam (Valve), Origin (EA), OnLive, Gaikai (Sony), and many others will all be after games. Most big developers will want to be on all of them unless they get good money for exclusives.

That deal (or ceasing of hostilities) with Valve seemed a small thing two years ago, but now add that PS4 will take PC ports more easily and now owning Gaikai and you can see Sony made three huge changes. When combined these changes put them in a much better position for the changes coming to console gaming. Mind you ,they are not at a huge advantage, but they now have deals and relationships the leap outside just the PlayStation platform and brand. Eery screen is now a "possible" Sony revenue stream with Gaikai.

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Now this is interesting. Perhaps Microsoft will buy OnLive in response? I've been saying for a long time that Gaikai/OnLive is the future of console games.

It'd be neat if Sony also used Gaikai to somehow resurrect backwards-compatibility for PS2 games; the console could somehow detect which game you put it and, instead of running it off of the hardware, it streams it remotely somehow.

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