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Gain Ground is a top down shooter that mainly focused on strategy. It was developed and published by Sega, and original an arcade game, before being ported to the Master System, Genesis and Turbografx-16 CD.

The Genesis version has since appeared on several compilations, and been released on Wii Virtual Console


The gameplay in Gain Ground is fairly unique. You begin with three different characters to choose from, and can gain more by saving them and running to the exit. Each character has a normal shot and a special weapon. The special weapons vary, because of the altitude, range, pattern, and angles they shoot at. The characters also have different speeds they move at.

There are a total of fifty levels, split into five rounds, each containing 10 stages. All have a boss at the end. There are two ways to complete a level. You can either, kill all the enemy's (this is the ideal way), or run all your characters to the exit, though not all stages have an exit. When a character is hit, he/she is captured and stays at the spot where it happened. That character can be rescued and taken to the exit, where they will be playable again.

The game overall, has a high focus on strategy and memorization. Running in and shooting random will most likely get you killed, and knowing where each of the enemy's are, and exactly how they attack is essential.

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