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Gaius is a thief with a sweet tooth. His main interests are in treasure and sweets, and he will not kill anyone to get them as noted in chapter 6.


Gaius is met on Chapter 6: The Foreseer. He is first encountered as a mercenary hired by Validar, though he only thinks that he is here to steal treasure, not to assassinate Emmeryn. This causes Gaius to doubt his employers and instead is confronted by Chrom who speaks to Gaius and allows him to joins the group if he can provide intel on the enemy. Gaius counters the offer if Chrom will "sweeten the deal", as Chrom reaches for his gold, a bag of candy for Lissa drops out . Gaius takes the candy as adequate compensation for risking his life, literally sweetening the deal.



In his C support with Maribelle, Maribelle remarks how she cannot stand looking at him during the battle. Even though Gaius says he will atone, Maribelle cannot forgive him for framing her father who is almost executed for robbing a noble. In the B support, Gaius thanks Maribelle for healing his wounds. Maribelle tells him that she needs him alive, so she can asks Gaius how did he learn her father's name and why he frame her father. Gaius is about to explain his reason, but he hesitates. In the A support, Maribelle thanks Gaius for his help. She has finished sending Gaius's notes to her father and hopes she will get some vengeance. Maribelle states that she jumped to conclusions and accused Gaius. When she asks Gaius who they threatened, Gaius hints that they were going to kill a little girl. Maribelle finds out that Gaius has testified against her father to save her life. In the S support, Maribelle has forgiven Gaius, and she hopes he never leaves her side. Her statement causes Gaius to blush, and Gaius reveals a ring he has made. Maribelle accepts Gaius's marriage proposal.


In his C support with Sumia, Sumia finds Gaius tracking down a bee, and she thinks that Gaius is looking for bee larvae to eat. After Sumia has left him, Gaius finds her strange. In his B support with Sumia, Gaius is in the meadow where Sumia finds him much to his disappointment. Gaius tries to insult Sumia, yet Sumia's mind wanders off to the flowers. She points to the bee flying towards the forest, and Gaius tries to tell Sumia to stay put. Then, Sumia attempts to pull the beehive off the tree only to swarmed by bees. She runs towards Gaius who is attacked by bees. In his A support, Sumia apologizes to Gaius who explains that he wanted only honey not bee larvae. Gaius finds Sumia's elbow is swollen from being stung by bees. Realizing how brave she is, Gaius gives Sumia some of his honey. In the S support, Sumia gives Gaius a crowberry cake using the honey that Gaius gave her earlier. In return, Gaius starts to give something to Sumia, but Sumia interrupts him with her love confession. He reciprocates her feelings and reveals a ring. Gaius remarks that he will do all the cooking if Sumia will bake those cakes. Though, Sumia states that it took many tries to bake the cake. She tells Gaius that they can go out to get honey together.

Unit Data

He has a preassigned skill called Locktouch.

Base Stats

  • HP: 22
  • Strength: 7
  • Magic: 0
  • Skill: 13
  • Speed: 15
  • Luck: 6
  • Defense: 5
  • Resistance: 2
  • Movement: 5
  • Weapon Grade: Sword - D

Growth Rates

  • HP: 85%
  • Strength: 60%
  • Magic: 20%
  • Skill: 70%
  • Speed: 70%
  • Luck: 35%
  • Defense: 30%
  • Resistance: 20%


To be filled later.


  • His Japanese voice actor is Matsumoto Shinobu.
  • His English voice actor is Gideon Emery.
  • His birthday is January 2nd.
  • Gaius is known to give nicknames to the characters he support. For example, he calls Chrom, "Blue", Sumia, "Stumbles", and Maribelle, "Twinkles."

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