Is this good and why did I only just find out about it?

#1 Posted by damswedon (3222 posts) -

I actually find it kinda crazy that Namco-Bandai released another DX game that I've heard nothing about.

Hell if I wasn't going to buy Half Minute Hero this week I wouldn't know about it.

#2 Posted by SteamPunkJin (1283 posts) -

I'm hoping it ends up being great like Pac-Man DX, but I'm also gonna wait for a sale cause I burned through Pac-Man pretty quick.  
Picked up HMH myself this morning, weird little game, fun, and the mulitplayer is pretty crazy.

#3 Posted by bwheeeler (716 posts) -

I thought the original Legions was fantastic, and this one looks like an improved version of that. For some reason, these games get nowhere near the press that the Pac-Man games got.

#4 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

I just downloaded the demo and it's FUCKING CRAZY. I'm intending to buy the full game, pretty sure. I'm absolutely baffled as to how they managed this again.

#5 Posted by grizzly311 (14 posts) -

I spent most of last night playing this game. It is ridiculously fun. I absolutely loved Pacman DX and this is right up there with it. Immensely satisfying, and well worth the 800 points.  

#6 Posted by Vexxan (4625 posts) -

Bought it last night, crazy fun but a little too easy, getting all achievements took only a few hours but if you're on the hunt for some crazy score hunting this game is awesome.

#7 Posted by GiffTor (18 posts) -

@Vegsen - It is pretty easy, even on "Hard," but I think you have to have the old-school high-score mindset (like you said); it's not just about playing the game to beat it, it's about trying to get higher and higher scores for bragging rights. Anyway, @damsweldon, It's great, but my EIC had to text me to let me know about it and I'm a Galaga junkie from way back!

#8 Posted by galloughs (201 posts) -

I only just found out about this game today, while combing through some old quick looks while I'm coding. I just wanna say, if this was available for PC I would pay ANY NUMBER OF DOLLARS IMAGINABLE to play it, it looks AWESOME.

#9 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

I enjoyed it pretty well, but I never felt compelled to score chase in quite the same I did with Pac Man CE DX (which was an obsession for a while). Still, it's certainly worth checking out -- there are far worse ways to spend your money.

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