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Words can't describe how amazing this game is!

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please don't be lying....

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It's really freaking good, make sure you try the Vintage(classic Galaga) Skin

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Is it really? I just bought bomberman but I only played it twice. After playing Pac-Man CE I thought I'd try Galaga Legions but the videos didn't look too fun.

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It's great. Also keep in mind that all 5 areas are unlocked to play at anytime from the get go. This is a fantastic shooter

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Yeah I just played the demo. Damn, I gotta get more points now. :(

#7 Posted by Adam_West (54 posts) -

saving up for Castle Crashers

not getting this..........sorry galaga

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This is out already?


#9 Posted by Adam_West (54 posts) -
Rowr said:
"This is out already?


this is not getting enough attention

how can it? the last 3 weeks have been insane, Geowars2, Braid, Bionic Commando
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Gah, there's too many damn quality arcade games coming out.

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I didn't like it much......I wanted to but I didnt'. It seemed like after you saw the first few patterns that was it, it just couldn't hold my attention. maybe some day i'll buy the full version and see if it gets better.

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I consider myself a Galaga purist. I know what a good Galaga machine is supposed to play like--how it feels, the rate of fire, the speed of animation. Not until they released the XBLA port of Galaga had I found a port that even comes close to matching the arcade experience. My Galaga snobbery at first caused me to dismiss this game.

I was wrong.

Galaga Legions is a fantastic game. It uses the same skills as Galaga but in a new way. The strategy is not just about having your fighter captured, but knowing where to deploy your satellites or when to bring them all back home for a more powerful focused shot. The strategy is about protecting your legion long enough to get you through the really rough patches in the game. It's about realizing that 200 of the things on screen are not important--only the four leader ships are. It's strategy is about paying attention to the flight-lines and spawn points.

Galaga Legions is a game of mastery. There are parts that you probably just will not beat unless you memorize the patterns. But you know what? That's okay! Because that's the mark of a classic arcade game. Expertise comes through playtime, developing skills, and learning.

Galaga Legions is like Galaga meets Ikaruga in a great way. You may not think it's the best game ever, but it's certainly damn fun.

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I may have to check this game out. It looks pretty fun and probably'll cause me to zone out.

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Fucking awesome.  It's really a completely unique formula & take on the heavily saturated shmup genre.  This is coming from a huge shmup fan as well.  It still requires precise movement and timing, but in a very unique way, not so much dodging thousands of bullets as waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

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I'll probably drop some cash for this and castle crashers. Galaga on the NES ate up many hours of my life.

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The demo has me sold, I'm buying this during the weekend

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