diggerf16's Galaga Legions (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Galaga is born again!

           Okay, Galaga Legions is obviously the reincarnation of our original Galaga and a complete overhaul of game play mechanics and its graphical style. Galaga Legions was released on the marketplace a few days ago, and I had to pick it up. The right off the bat seems much more futuristic, the music even has a slight change but still wit the nastalgic jingle we all remember.
           You have two different modes to choose from, you have the adventure mode, which you have a set amount of lives and you make your way through the 5 different areas, each with a small "boss battle" at the end. I thought the difficulty level was well balanced for the areas, and the whole game flows together well.
           Campionship mode, is strictly where you pick any area you want and compete for the scores on the leaderboards of that area.
           Some new added features have been added for your gaming pleasure, such as dropping of to satelite ships to continue shooting in one spot while you stay moving. You can do this at anytime and is a great help to a lot of the more tricky levels. Obviously another perk is the graphics overhaul, everything looks much more spacey and looks fantastic in HD. Almost as good as geometry wars in HD. The lines and flashes of light and the laser on your ship to all the added weapons you gain throughout levels.
           The downfalls af the game may have just been an act of trying too hard to impress. One problem I had frequently is where there are pelnty of enemies on the screen, shooting them brings up your point multiplier and how many you've killed in your chain. Which, for me atleast, clutters the screen and makes it mroe difficult. My second problem with the game is that if you're not playing on HDTV things may look blurry. It seems as if they really designed this game with HD in mind. So plying on Standard Definition for lengthy amounts of time may hurt your eyes.


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