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Galaxy 5000 is a unique Nintendo Entertainment Sytem racing title released for the console by Activision in February of 1991. The game puts you in control of a futuristic spacecraft which you race on a number of tracks on each planet throughout the galaxy in the year 5000. Each planet has only one race track, but you compete on it four times, each time with different bonuses and obstacles, essentially bringing the total number of tracks to 36. The player will receive bonuses when they destroy their opponents with their mounted gun. The spececraft can also jump over oncoming obstacles. Players earn money when they win races and destroy opponents, which they can use to buy newer, faster, and stronger space ships. The game stands apart from other NES games with its isometric viewpoint, an impressive feat on the system. This viewpoint made the game more difficult to control than most racers, but luckily the developers included two different control schemes to allow the player to play however they feel comfortable.

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