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Galbatorix is the main villan in the Inheritance Cycle, a series of books by Christopher Paolini.  Galbatorix is a Dragon Rider, the vanguards of the world Alagaesia that herald peace and prosperity.  Galbatorix was a prodigy among the Dragon Riders and soon became restless with his power.  This caused Galbatorix to ultimately have his dragon killed, and when the Dragon Rider council refused to give him another dragon,  drove him insane.  Galbatorix recruited other Dragon Riders to become turncoats and with their help he raided the sanctuary, stole a new dragon and killed the leaders of the Dragon Riders.  Galbatorix and his thirteen "Foresworn" then proceeded to hunt down the remaining Dragon Riders and destroy their empire, until all that remained were three unhatched dragon eggs.  One of these eggs housed Saphira, the dragon that choose Eragon, and another housed Thorn, the dragon that choose Murtagh.  Galbatorix now serves as a ruler of Alagaesia, with no apparent weakness despite holding his throne for over one hundred years.

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