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The Last Galerian, Ash, is featured on the cover.
Galerians: Ash is the second, and final, game in the Galerians series of video games. This is a sequel to the psychological horror game Galerians released in 2000 and features Rion, the drug addicted teenage psychic as the main character once more. Fighting through the "children of Dorothy" the Galerians in an effort to save mankind from the oppressive computer Rion was forced to one by one kill the Galerians. Eventually he had to cause his own personality data to be deleted in an effort to effectively wipe out Dorothys AI for good.

Awakening after six years of cryogenic sleep Rion is brought back by Lilia due to a new threat to the world. The Last Galerian, known as Ash, and his few remaining Galerian followers are seeking to destroy the remnants of human society using their psychic powers. Only Rion, a Galerian himself, can stand up to these last reminders of the foul Dorothy and her experiments on human kind. However there is more going on here than initially appears. Can Rion stand up to the Galerians and stop them from wiping out the last traces of humanity or will his fighting be for naught?

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