GBC/GB Hidden Gems?

#1 Posted by Pazy (2683 posts) -

Im really getting back into my GBC lately (which I only got about 2 years ago, not enough money to get one way back when) since its the 20th anniversary of the GB release. Ive got a few games but im going to try and get games like Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Mario games etc. but what hidden gems are there on GB/GBC?

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Metal Gear Solid and Perfect Dark are pretty good. Also Daikatana, the one version of that game that actually was good. Yet nobody knows it even existed as they focused on how much the PC title sucked. Heh. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is one of my favorites, it's basically the first Mana game, plays a lot like Zelda. Probotector is grand. Mortal Kombat II too. Umm, what else? I don't even remember the games I had. Oh yeah, some Donkey Kong game was alright, but I much preffered Wario Land, I think it's one of the best platformers ever.

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Duuuuuude, Pokemon Red Version. I know not much of a hidden gem but its all I played when I was a kid.

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Duck Tales is awesome(if you haven't played the NES version), and so is Mr. Nutz.

#5 Posted by Pazy (2683 posts) -
JJWeatherman said:
"Duuuuuude, Pokemon Red Version. I know not much of a hidden gem but its all I played when I was a kid. "

Screw that game its a pile of crud...Blue all the way!

Though these are same great ideas, any got any more? the more obscure the better ;)

#6 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (234 posts) -

The surprise hits for me were Metal Gear Solid (Ghost Babel), Kirby's Dream Land, Gradius: Interstellar Assault, and Darkwing Duck. I played those games to death.

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Harry Potter RPGs

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