Any tips to win GOTY?

#1 Posted by overbyte (99 posts) -

Okay, I'm at Year 17, pumping out games that get 39's and 40's, have my own console at 31% market share, spammed Lunar Writing, and selling around 30 mil+ copies per game. 
And I still only win trophies for all other categories except GOTY and worst game.
Do I need a string of perfect 40's to up my chances? I swear that thing is rigged. Pumping the game's Fun to 300 seems to trigger a stupid blackout or equipment failure that shaves off around 25% of the game's stats. Gah.

I've searched the net and it seems the only surefire way to get GOTY is to unlock the "Game Co." genre, bummer.

#2 Posted by Sammo21 (4215 posts) -

so how did you pull this off?  Did you just play several games through completion to carry over leveled up stuff?  

#3 Posted by regmcfly (176 posts) -

That's what I've done.  I've had a 39, and games selling over 40 million, however still never had GOTY. This is despite me having won all three categories on the others, and having my creativity and fun at 200+. as well as graphics and sound at 150+. 

#4 Posted by Sammo21 (4215 posts) -

I was going to say, I am play through 2 and still am only getting 7s at the most, but scores are mostly low...I wish money carried over, lol

#5 Posted by GozerTC (485 posts) -

I didn't know there was more playthroughs. :)  
I'm in the same boat.  Winning everything but  GOTY.  Buggers.  
#6 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I've won GOTY, and the game didn't even review as good as some of my other titles. Got like 37-38 or so, and it was the 4th sequel to my Robot-Shooter series, Vanquished.

#7 Posted by TheMailToad (19 posts) -

I got GOTY from my sequel to my action hunting game Bear Puncher. Maybe it has to be a sequel? Also Bear Puncher got a 37.

#8 Posted by Mikular (167 posts) -

I have a feeling it's luck of the draw, or timed, at least an element anyways, as there's a separate screen before it's announced with the "What's this?", where it continues to scroll through the names. Otherwise, I'm having the same problems as you guys.

#9 Posted by overbyte (99 posts) -
@TheMailToad said:
" I got GOTY from my sequel to my action hunting game Bear Puncher. Maybe it has to be a sequel? Also Bear Puncher got a 37. "
I haven't played much now due to work, but I recall I've done at least 4 sequels to my war shooter series "Duty and Honor" (wink wink). The game has 200+ stats in everything, scores of 39-40, around 800-900 fans selling at 42 million+ and still no GOTY. Guess I should stop worrying and start acting like Kotick who just rakes in the money :)

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