Game Dev Story 2 Ideas/Wish list. Input appreciated.

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 I had played plenty of Game Dev Story on my iPhone and I liked it. It was addicting as hell. However, it did leave me wanting more. I wished the experience was deeper which in my opinion will make the game far better. So i have compiled a list of some ideas/wish list for it. I would appreciate your opinions/inputs on it. 

  • Being able to hire more than 8 people. If i have over 400,000,000 dollars in the bank, why the hell do I have to fire people when I hire new ones? which leads me to my next point
  • Being able to have several teams which will work on different projects. Why should I be limited to developing only one game at a time? I would make the game more challenging to handle more projects. I think it would be fun to develop a game for consoles and the portable consoles simultaneously.
  • Being able to develop a single game for multi consoles. Why do I have to be console exclusive? If I have enough money to licence to multiple consoles I should be able to do so.
  • You should also be able to be console exclusive if you wish. If a console maker pays you money to make your exclusive to that console.
  • When you develop you own console, you should be paid by other developers the license fees to develop for that console.
  • Also you should make (or lose) money for each console you sell. Depending on the price it takes to make and the price you sell it. Having the price low will sell you more consoles, but having the price high will make you more money per console.
  • And how about being able to price your game? If I make a budget game for example I should be able to make it cheaper to make it more competitive.
  • Also making collectors edition for your games.
  • Other developers should be more flashed out in the game. The market in the current game feels empty and you don't really feel any competition for other game developers. They should make you be able to see upcoming games by others developers and their sales once they hit the market.
  • You should also be able to choose the release date for your games. At the current game you have to release once you finish developing and debugging. It will be more interesting if you choose when to release and it will impact the sales of your game (Holiday season, Summer vacation, Conflicting release dates with other games on the market).
  • Actually limit the possible sale by the market share. In the current game I developed a console which sold around 15 million units. Than the games I developed for that console sold over 24 million units. That's 160% attachment rate which is crazy. It means that every console owner bought a copy of the game and most of them bought 2 copies. That doesn't make any sense in the real market and it should be fixed.
  • When developing an online game, you should be able to make it subscription based. This would get you money on a monthly basis. Also, the amount you make per month should be calculated by the amount of post release work you do for the game.
  • Being able to develop expansion packs, DLC and spin off games. It could be small projects or big that will give you extra cash.
  • Being able to port you existing game to new consoles (or have it done externally)
  • Put publishers in the game. They will pay you money to develop games and will make it easier for you to get the ball rolling. However, you will need to cut them a slice of the profit. You should be able to make contracts with them for short or long term. If you do they can make demands from you (like ordering you to develop a sequel to a specific game) and will make you have more obligations.
  • Why am I limited to making sequels only to games that are in the hall of fame? As long as I am not bound by a will of publisher and my studio is independent I should be able to make a sequel to what ever game I want.
  • The current development process is kind of weird. Whoever writes the pitch, or develops the graphics or sound, increases the parameters pretty much at random. It should be something more defined. Developers who are more talented (and cost more money to hire) shouldn't do a lousy job so easily.
  • Employees should be more demanding. Asking for raises from time to time and they could quit if their desires aren't met. The current employees in the game are just puppets and will do anything for a can of dead bull.
  • Employees should gain experience and level when they do their job. A designer should level up over time as long as he works in designing.
  • Not limiting you career and high score to 20 years. It should be 30-40.
  • Gamecenter support for iOS.
  • This one is crazy to ask for but it would be interesting: Making other players who play the game, you competitive developers. The games you develop will compete theirs for a place in the market. But I know this one will be hard to implement.
This is what I came up with so far. I know it's a lot, and it will complicate the game by several levels. But I think it will make it deeper and more challenging and also a lot more fun.

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