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I'd like to be able to make a true MMO with monthly subscriptions. It should be really hard and possibly fatal for the company, just like in real life. 
Also, I'd love a platform holder management part. I made a console (the 64-bit BD-ROM monster Angularity), and my own games for it are selling fine, but I'd love to be able to have other companies license my console, pick launch titles, and possibly buy promising games wholesale from smaller developers. 
The ability to completely outsource a project and make two games at once would be great, too.

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longer titles

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@invadernick said:
" longer titles "
Very good point.
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Make it harder because I'm making #1 selling games all the time and I have a lot of money and can't hire any personnel that is better then what I have now.

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More platforms. I desperately want to play this game, but I don't have a fancy phone or iPad. 

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I'd like an larger office to hold 12 people that I can split into 2 teams to make games for multiple platforms.  
Although, I'd settle for an office that doesn't have a game destroying power outage every six months.
A rival company that tries to hire your people away from you, as well as a larger pool of  applicants. 
More Gamedex options or at least a way where you make a choice to not watch the people to flock to your booth. 
More challenging  contract work.  I use it between games to farm research points to level up my employees before I start my new game. 

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I'd rather it be an update to the existing game.  Paying twice for this would feel weird.

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@Angularbanjo said:
" @invadernick said:
" longer titles "
Very good point. "
Totally agree. I hated always being confined by that tiny little text box.
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The ability to make multi-platform games, more (higher ranking) people searching for work. Wider scope of things needed to succeed (PR manager, market research beforehand, less half-naked people coding my products (this really happened, he stayed for most of the game)
Edit: Oh and more years. Seriously. Only 20?

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Game is really cool but I think there are some things in the industry that maybe able to work in... 

  • Online Possibility: DLC as a way to gain additional sales, developed before or after a game. Multiple packs then can be released as "Game of the Year" Edition
  • Unproven Plastic: Guitars, Skateboards, Cameras, additional tech developed and may equal bigger sales or duds.
  • MMO: Online game that continues.
  • Direct Sequels: Doing a direct sequel boost sales on the original.
  • Developing IP: Going into depth of the IP that you develop and possibilities for additional merchandise and tv/movie deals. 
  • Release Dates: Calendar to plan out a holiday release and seeing what other games are coming out.
  • Compete with friends: Multiplayer could be HUGE. Just comparing your game studio to a friend.
  • Boxart: Simple paint program used to create the box art for the game, better staff unlocks better decals/clipart.
  • Evil Game Company: The ability to buy or be bought by other companies. Staff splits off to open their own company if not happy.
  • Multi-Platform/Exclusive: Deals with developers for bonus for exclusives or developing multiplatform.
And finally... 

GAMES! Imagine if you could play the games you develop? Would be awesome even if it cost extra. They can make these games with all the combinations and you could play the game you developed, even if it is just something small. Would be cool to see though.

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  • When I make my own console, I want forums arguing my console's superiority over others (not sure if that''s in the game right now, I don't have a HW engineer yet)
  • Make the PC platform a viable target (longer sales and more dedicated fanbase), but you have to deal with rampant piracy.  
  • Multiple projects and buying out smaller studios
  • Release patches to any buggy games you ship. 
  • A bigger building with a redundant power supply 
  • Ability to buy better hardware w/ corresponding effects. Be a John Romero and build up a mansion.
  • Multi-platform releases and DLC
  • Ability to make announcements to the fanbase/reply to forums (could be random interviews with a RPG-type dialog tree)
  • Advertise/bribe reviewer sites which will impact the game ratings (like in GameBiz)
  • Ability to add more "polish" to the game after the debugging stage (in which the Polish game direction controls the rate) so you can ship fewer, higher quality titles over longer periods of time (ala Valve and Blizzard)
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I already emailed Kairosoft ( ) with my suggestions (more office expansion and allow company to work on more than one project at once). Reckon they could get someone to translate my email.

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@Mayu_Zane said:
" I already emailed Kairosoft ( ) with my suggestions (more office expansion and allow company to work on more than one project at once). Reckon they could get someone to translate my email. "
LOL they have received a fan letter! I bet their fan base will grow now. I think we should be able to see how many jobs I have assigned to a person so they don't complain about doing the same thing and give me some crappy work.  Also, include the ability to release collectors edition bundles. My Imagine: make-up artist is missing a collectors edition bundle with a Prada eye liner. That would really boost my sales.
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@Soapy86 said:
" More platforms. I desperately want to play this game, but I don't have a fancy phone or iPad.  "
Same here
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@Angularbanjo: I want the sequel on DS and have things in the vein of tropico, sims, and more.  I want to manage box art, exmployee sniping, marketing, game shows (multiple not just 1), cooing indie devs, being able to be on a single console with benefits and cons, working as either a publisher and developer, selling your studio, etc, etc.  Basically, I want GameDev story but made by Sid Meier.  I also don't want stupid cartoony stuff, but I love the art style.  I also want the ability to get different industry kudos like "best company to work for/worst company to work for", etc.
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A lot of good suggestions but I have one more, a quite simple one. I think that it get's really annoying to micro manage every little employe during training. I would like some kind of automatic system here. It can cost more or give less but I got tired of popping in and out of the training menu all the time.

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