Just curious whole else is getting this tomorrow.

#1 Posted by ragnarok7038 (69 posts) -

Also, first impressions? I ordered through Amazon because Atlus always puts together cool art books. Will report back after I've played some tomorrow.

#2 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

Please do, I'm always curious about Atlus games.

#3 Posted by Sumbog (550 posts) -

Ya report back, if its good I may buy it...

#4 Posted by SeanFoster (913 posts) -

I wanted to get it on PC but looks like it's been delayed.

#5 Edited by bitcloud (681 posts) -

PS3 version later this morning, the store opens at 10am here. This game does have one of the best non in-game content, pre-order bonuses I have ever seen. I joked with my Uncharted 3 buddies about going to a MP3 midnight launch to get it and being thrown out. I'm not sure about opening it until a few reviews show up on Metacritic.

#6 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

game look like a light dragon age origins, though i question launching on the same day as diablo and max payne

#7 Posted by Pabba (415 posts) -

I'm getting it, but only cause I'm a die-hard fan of the series. Not expecting anything great, but we'll see. If anything, the music will probably rock.

#8 Edited by bitcloud (681 posts) -

Its not looking good so far. http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/game-of-thrones

#9 Posted by supercubedude (506 posts) -

I haven't looked into it. Is it a Witcher/Dragon Age knock-off? That's what I've gleaned from the trailers. I won't pay full price for it, but it could be worth it if it tells its own interesting story in that world.

#10 Posted by bitcloud (681 posts) -

It's like DAO gameplay wise, not so much The Witcher. I'm waiting for reviews before my final judgement, but I'll keep that hardcover art book and return the game if there are no positive reviews.

#11 Posted by Phatmac (5921 posts) -

May want to wait on a review or something. I don't have high hopes for this.

#12 Posted by Triumvir (536 posts) -

Nobody seems to have been reviewing it. What little about it that has been published thus far has said that the game has a solid but bleak narrative surrounded by bugs and crappy production values.

I just cancelled my amazon preorder just to be safe. Right now it just doesn't seem worth the $60 price tag, despite being a huge GRRM fan (I reread the books bi-annually). I really wanted the artbook, too, but I expect the game won't sell well and I might be able to pick up that bundle later. I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Hey, it's still early, I may well pick the game up if other reviews and word of mouth show it in a better light, or at least state that its flaws can be overlooked (a la Alpha Protocol).

#13 Posted by D_Bones (421 posts) -

One review I read so far wasn't good. Unless get afew more positive reviews looks even worse than I feared. Was crossing fingers would end up like Force Unleashed. Good use of property with interesting story but has some flaws which are ignorable if you are a fan. The review I read made the whole game sound super sloppy and the developers lazy for leaving fixable mistakes front and centre. Really hope word gets better.

#14 Posted by Asmo917 (501 posts) -

I have three things coming today from Amazon: Diablo III, Max Payne 3, and this. I'll probably play this first, since it's the most unknown quantity of the three. I've had zero expectations so far, but if it plays like DA:O, I'm hopeful. I'm really just hoping for a competent game with rich lore, using and expanding on the GRRM world.

#15 Posted by ragnarok7038 (69 posts) -

Honestly, what I'm most concerned about is how fully realized the world is. That isn't to say that I don't have hopes for some well-implemented combat, but the main reason I'm playing it is for immersion into the world of GoT.

#16 Posted by xXLunchBox87Xx (42 posts) -

I was going to get this just for story purposes. From what I've seen around the Internet though the $60 cost is not worth it. I got tired of not getting the games I wanted from gamefly so I canceled. Would have liked to have it for this game. If the price drops I'll consider it.

#17 Posted by Sterling (3369 posts) -

Amazon will be dropping it off in a couple hours. I wont be playing it until later tonight. But I will post back with my impressions of it.

#18 Posted by Asmo917 (501 posts) -

Bah, went to instal and the 360 wouldn't recognize it. I didn't notice there's a big old chip on my game disc. Luckily Amazon's preyty good about shipping replacements. Max Payne and Diablo it is for me for a few days.

#19 Posted by Birdman_LIVE (20 posts) -

@xXLunchBox87Xx said:

I was going to get this just for story purposes. From what I've seen around the Internet though the $60 cost is not worth it. I got tired of not getting the games I wanted from gamefly so I canceled. Would have liked to have it for this game. If the price drops I'll consider it.

From the reviews now coming in it seems pretty clear what the failings of this game are. Reviews seem to have a thread of consistency. As a huge fan of books & HBO show, I'd very much like to pick this title up, but I agree it looks like 60 bucks is a bit steep for this particular game. Perhaps when season 2 is over & I've finished Dance of Dragons I'll be able to find some deals on this one.

#20 Edited by Realitymoves (26 posts) -

it looks preety bad tbh, 7 years in development meh maybe they canned it 7years ago and resurrected it 1-2 years ago to cash in on the TV series sure.

#21 Posted by Mikemcn (7505 posts) -

Dark Wings bring Dark Words that this is just another crumby cross media tie-in game.

#22 Posted by ragnarok7038 (69 posts) -

Goddammit, guys. Staring at the shrink-wrapped copy on my desk. If the reviews were all moderately favorable, I would be playing it now, but some of the bad ones have really given me pause. This is probably going back to Amazon tomorrow. I totally agree with what some of you have said, if I can get this for $30 in the future, even without the art book, it might be worth it.

#23 Posted by Sterling (3369 posts) -

Its not as bad as some reviews say. But its also not that great. Its not a $60, that is a given. If anyone is on the fence about getting it. Wait until its $30 or less.

I like the story thus far, I am in Chapter 3 currently. The graphics are decent. They are not as bad as others make them out to be. Also the combat is total rubbish. I think the combat is the worst aspect of the game. Which may be a deal breaker for most. I will more then likely end up finishing the game for the story alone. Its just too bad its not better than what it is. Oh well. Not every game can be a great one.

#24 Posted by spazmaster666 (2075 posts) -

Can't say I'm surprised that the gameplay is bad. Nothing about this game looked like it would be quality aside from the story since, well, it would be pretty hard to mess up the story considering the source material they had to work with.

#25 Posted by Triumvir (536 posts) -

Yeah, it's really too bad this is just another cash-in from a mediocre developer. I really wish some other studio could get the licence from Cyandide. The IP deserves way better. I'll probably give it a look when it drops below 40. I suspect that won't be long, given its release date and quality.

#26 Posted by xXLunchBox87Xx (42 posts) -

Well there was games out that I didn't want to buy but wanted to play so I started my gamefly back up. This and max Payne should be arriving next week. Followed by battleship and witcher when those are done.

#27 Posted by FLStyle (5690 posts) -

Disappointing, I was hoping to get my Dragon Age: Origins fix from this. I may yet rent it somewhere down the line.

The fact that they (intentionally?) released it under the radar on the same week as Diablo III, I could see the signs but held out hope. Today's Quick Look put an end to me spending any significant amount of money on it.

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