Most amount of time you've ever lost to a game over?

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I'm currently replaying FF VIII right now, and for some weird reason, I never save my game before big stuff. I dunno why, I guess my idiotic self just thinks the 3 seconds it takes to save is way too long. Well, I can't tell you how many times I was doing side stuff for an hour, didn't save, and then ran into a Malboro. Any FF fan knows what happens next.

What's the most amount of time you've ever lost to a game over? Or were you smart enough to know to save before boss battles or after you did something big?

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I usually save all the time to avoid those types of situations, but I know there have been a few times where I just wasn't thinking about it and got fucked over. I lost a bunch of progress in a Halo game once because, if I remember correctly, you have to save & quit before you stop playing otherwise it just restarts you at the beginning of the level and I know I did that on one of the really long levels near the end and just turned off my console thinking I would start back up at the checkpoint....nope.

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I learned my lesson from Persona 4. I grinded 10 levels and 5 floors in Naoto's dungeon. I was out of SP and was like "Ok. Last battle." Mamudo hits no one but Charlie. Didn't play the game for months after that.

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I lost about 12hrs - 15hrs of game time in SMT: Nocturne when my memory card acted retarded and my save file got corrupted.

edit: oh crap....well forgot half of the title while trying to remember time lost, well I've lost about 3-4hrs of progress and funnily enough it was in Nocturne as well. The Amala dungeon you go through to get the "True Demon" ending is ruthless and I got sloppy.

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I'm going to say about 6 hours of progress lost when I was a little kid playing through Super Mario Bros 3 and running out of lives on the last world :P

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I got a game over in Xenoblade after about 40 hours of play and never turned on the game again.

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Dark magic in Persona is a cruel mistress....

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@veektarius: That's weird, I remember Xenoblade having really generous checkpoints

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Good ole Resident Evil.

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Try speed running through these games without saving, and die when your near the end of the game. I was consumed by so much anger...

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@falserelic: Oh God that crumpled up Chris when you get hit by the boulder is both horrifying and hilarious.

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@steadyingmeat: Oh, I wouldn't have lost more than 20 minutes of progress if I had started again, but I didn't, so all 40 hours were wasted.

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@veektarius: I don't think that's what the OP asking. It's pretty easy to save progress in Xenoblade.

When I played the original Dragon Warrior as a kid; it being my first RPG, I lost a lot of time simply because I didn't realize you could save the game by talking to the king at first.

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I never owned a memory pak for the N64 so every time I got game overs in the first two Turok games I would have to start from the beginning, my dad got really good at the first couple of missions in both if them but we never did see the end.

Edit: Also owning a GameCube with Luigi's mansion at least a month before Woolworths had any memory cards in stock was a big bummer

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I really can't recall. I am an obsessive saver, so I don't usually lose a lot of progress from a death or game over.

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In FFXII there is an optional boss with something like 52 million health. His health bars have health bars. You can run off and save part way through the fight, but it'll level up and start healing if you do, so I was keeping that at a minimum. Well, after maybe 8 or 9 hours I was down to the final health bar of the final health bar. He had maybe 150000 HP left and my party wiped. Had to restart because I didn't save at all. Started it again the next day. Got him down to the half way point and saved, got him down to around 75% and paused, left it for the night to come back the next day. It froze. In my 300 hours of playing it is the only time the game froze (although the first 260ish hours were on PS2, this was on the 60GB PS3). Started up again on day three, this time at the 50% point and saved at around the 75% point and again at the 90% point before finally beating it. In total the fight took me 26 hours. It should have been much less.

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Not much, because I save constantly.

If I lose even like 30 minutes to an hour of progress to something I deem 'unfair,' though (glitch, lockup, etc.), then it's very likely I won't play the game again for months, if ever.

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#18 Posted by Example1013 (4855 posts) -

Do game crashes in Oblivion count? I had a lot of those.

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Probably back when I was into speed running MGS Twin Snakes. I was in to doing single segment no kill,alert,rations runs. Beating the game in one sitting with no saves is nerve wracking enough doing it without rations is a whole other ballpark. Especially with the tower ascension. After the first sniper wolf fight. Your timing on your stun grenades has to be PERFECT. I had to restart many runs over. Luckily that wasn't too much time lost as 2/3 the game is easily beatable in like 45 minutes.

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I lost about about six hours attempting the Hardcore Mode of Dead Space 2.

Never again.

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#21 Posted by RonGalaxy (4320 posts) -

About 27 hours in saints row the third and 12 hours in demons souls. I happily went back and replayed saints row (even got the platinum trophy). Never played demons souls again (beat dark souls though).

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I lost somewhere in the range of 52 hours in FFX. My save file got corrupted. Haven't played it since it first came out.

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@groin: I think you win.

I love me some rogue-likes, but... that's a whole 'nother level. How did you feel when it happened? Where you tired and made some silly mistakes, or did you go out in a blaze of glory?

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@viking_funeral: Charles died because my internet disconnected while playing. Diablo has a 10 second timer before your character leaves the game so my character got gnawed on by zombies while standing helpless. I created ThickAsian on the next day.

ThickAsian died due to bad decision making and lack of sleep. I sold all my items and gold and quit the game until the expansion came out.

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I can't recall but I've lost a couple hours in pretty much every RPG I've ever played. When that happens, I just quit. Most recent ones I could remember were Dragons Dogma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Tales of Xillia. This is what happened.

Went through a dungeon and killed 2 trolls(? Giant guys) and got outside to where I was fighting goblins everywhere. Then a dragon came and I was excited. Jumped on it's leg, it flew into the air and my stamina reached zero. Guess who fell to their death?! I lost like 2 hours maybe. This was fairly early in the game, like 10 hours or so.

Ninja Gaiden was like an hour or so lost and I just didn't want to do it again. I got wrecked by a guy in a trench coat and gun while playing as the big boobed girl. Rachel or whatever. I deleted the game from my Vita at that point. I didn't like it much anyway.

Tales of Xillia happened yesterday. I beat the game so it told me to save so I did. Went back Into the game to kill the 5 remaining devils beasts. Took like an hour or so? Went into the new area where the Golden Mage Knight is. Killed one of the enemies walking around. Got into a second battle and it was an encounter link so like ten enemies. One of those fuckers did the magic attack that turns me into stone. He turned my whole party into stone so automatic game over. So I have to kill the remaining 5 devil beasts again. I wasn't happy. It was bullshit though because there was no save before or after going into the Knights world!

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@awesomeusername: Ughhh, I hated getting the Devil Arms. I don't even think I ended up killing the Mage Knight. He has a ton of forms, and then after that I think you STILL have to go power up the weapons even further......and for what?

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@steadyingmeat: Yeah. I don't think I want to do it anymore. Seems like a timesink and I have like 30+ games in my backlog. I'm just going to move on for now. Maybe someday I'll go back to it but I need to finish all my other games.

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About eight hours of Civilization V. Not technically a gameover, more of a bluescreen with a sideorder of corrupted saves.
But that's about it since I'm a strong believer of the quicksave in most games.

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60 hours. I was playing Persona 3, I pushed it a little too hard in Tartarus and got dumped out to the title screen. When I went to load my save file, it wasn't there. Still not sure how it got erased but it was a soul crushing moment, it took me like 6 months before I was ready to go back.

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Other than turn-based strategy games, I once lost 3 hours of non-vita chamber Bioshock action because of a stupid and careless death.

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Diablo 3, easily. The extreme punishment from pushing onto newer grounds in one of the higher difficulties was too hard for my mage. No less than 3 elite packs were the roots of this sad day. And that is just one of my many, many hardcore Diablo 3 deaths. Damn what a timewaster it feels like when you die, but holy hell the rush when you're close to death and manage to bearly scrape by... Yeah, that rush is never getting old.

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Not sure but over an hour for certain. I do remember Persona 4 I was fighting a boss, i don't recall what it is called, the one that has yellow bricks around it as a shield and you have to break the bricks to damage the actual boss. I was fighting that boss in a suboptimal way for 50 minutes + then died to its party killing combination of attacks.

Ninja Gaiden (xbox) definitely on the red room/blue room area. That spot has a lower level than you cannot exit to save once jumped in to. In order to reach the boss, you need to complete two tedious puzzle rooms in the no-save area that highlight the trash programming that is the camera. You die to the boss, you do the rooms over again.

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I got FF12 the day it came out. Played pretty much all day, like 12 hours or so. Died. Realized i had no saved AT ALL the entire time. There was no autosave feature or anything. I never played that game again.

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