Are the Game room Quick looks the next Endurance Run?

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Do you think the Game room Quick Looks count as the next Endurance run?

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No, because Game Room itself is not a game.  They are just multiple Quick Looks inside multiple Quick Looks.

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It's an endurance run of patience for those who must join Jeff every week. And in Jeff's case, one of sanity.

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It requires endurance for sure. But its really no different than if Jeff was tasked with a series of quick looks for some really shitty modern games. That would require endurance too.

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I would say it's an Endurance Run in spirit at least. It has gotten to the point where either Jeff will finally give up, or Microsoft stops supporting Game Room and Jeff endures. Either that or Ryan goes on a rampage or destroys any evidence that Game Room ever existed.

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Nope. It's just one man's insane quest to purchase every gameroom game.

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