Centipede or Millipede?

#1 Posted by Kedi (103 posts) -

Which is the better game? I've got enough points for one game and Centipede caught my eye, but I don't know if Millipede is a better game.

#2 Posted by Googly (248 posts) -

Centipede is vertical, Millipede is horizontal.  Personally I prefer Centipede but try both out and choose for yourself.

#3 Posted by TorgoGrooves89 (336 posts) -

Centipede is by far the better game.
#4 Posted by Driadon (3075 posts) -

Millipede adds some small elements to the game that make it more enjoyable, I find.

#5 Posted by Jasonofindy (270 posts) -

Generally, I prefer Centipede.  Also, you should keep in mind that the Centipede being offered is the higher quality original arcade version and the Millipede is the poor Atari 2600 port.

#6 Posted by stankit (115 posts) -

I bought Centipede and think it was a good choice.  Also arcade port > 2600 port.

#7 Posted by Jeff (5265 posts) -
@stankit said:
" I bought Centipede and think it was a good choice.  Also arcade port > 2600 port. "
What he said. If it was the arcade version of Millipede, I'd probably recommend that, but it's not. The 2600 port was a pretty good port, but... it's a port. It's not even close to the real deal.
#8 Posted by Kedi (103 posts) -

I ended up buying Centipede, thanks for the insight guys.

#9 Posted by Disengage (441 posts) -

You know what? I don't like Centipede or Millipede and I'm not sure why people love either.

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