Clarify: Does Game Room count your score if you rewind?

#1 Posted by Brenderous (1185 posts) -

Cause that's pretty much cheating, isn't it? 
And by "count your score" i mean leader board type stuff.

#2 Posted by Mordi (565 posts) -

I think you need to be in ranked mode, which I believe disables rewinding. 
I'm not sure, though.

#3 Posted by Brenderous (1185 posts) -
@Mordi: That makes sense. Not sure why I didn't come to that conclusion. Thanks!
#4 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

Mordi is correct. Classic Mode you can rewind and use multiple credits, but scores are not counted.  Ranked Mode is 1 credit only, no rewind, scores are posted.

#5 Posted by Wickstrom (91 posts) -
@Brenderous: You can only rewind in Classic Mode. In Classic Mode, scores cannot be posted to the leaderboards, therefore the score isn't official with rewind.

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