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Hardly any of my friends on my friends list play game room. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants to take advantage of the challenge system, and go to some friend's arcades and try and beat their hi score.  
So here's how this works, post your gamertag and the games that are in your game room, and meet friends!  Let's make a cool Giant Bomb game room community
1. Millipede 
2. Pifall 
3. River Raid 
4. Jungler 
5. Battlantis 
6. Time Pilot 
7. Red Baron  

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only have 3 of the ones on the list but feel free to add, fox01313. put up a list on the profile here with the games to keep from putting up forum posts every few weeks.
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I'm needing some Game Room buddies.  So far, I've got:
1. Asteroids Deluxe
2. Pitfall
3. River Raid
4. Spider Fighter
5. Chopper Command
6. Battlezone
7. Tempest
8. Battlantis
I plan on adding many more, so add me!

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