Game Room updates

#1 Posted by Sin4profit (3159 posts) -

So today when i loaded up Gameroom i noticed the update to the Atari 2600 interface; I like it.  Snooping around to see if any of the other interfaces have changed i found a live leaderboard update option in the graphics options right underneath the live ticker option.  For those of you who haven't seen the live leaderboard update, it basically shows you (or yer gamer picture anyway) climbing up you friend's list and also always shows the 1st place leader of that game from the world leader boards on top as well. Pretty cool, dunno how long it's been there but i've only just now noticed it.
 Also: The Avatars in the arcades seem to crowd around and watch other avatars playing there's that and the preview screen shows the name of the game and the pack that that game is contained in as well.

#2 Posted by lilman1101 (1119 posts) -

Game Room dissapoints me.

#3 Posted by Alex_Murphy (1195 posts) -

Until they get to some more recent stuff I'm not going to take the gameroom plunge.

#4 Posted by KingPossum (241 posts) -

Sounds promising. I haven't picked up any titles since the last game pack and I'm glad they're doing any kind of updates to it in the long run. 
I wish they promoted this thing a bit more but I don't know what the hell Microsoft is doing this summer with their releases.  
In other news my xbox is out of commission, it red ringed and I'm waiting for it to come back from the factory.

#5 Posted by Karyyk (10 posts) -

I've been enjoying Game Room, but I think that's because the Atari 2600 is what started my epic journey of gaming. Looking at it from a purely arcade perspective, yeah, it's a huge disappointment. The new features are nice and hopefully the library will improve at some point (hasn't much the last few weeks though).

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