In Memoriam: Game Room

#1 Posted by JasonR86 (10007 posts) -

Game Room (March, 2010-December, 2010)
To "honor" Game Room, name the Game Room games you purchased for your arcade.
My arcade consisted of:
River Raid
Red Baron

#2 Posted by Redbullet685 (6198 posts) -

The only game I owned on Gameroom was Crystal Castles.

#3 Posted by Brackynews (4245 posts) -

I forget. Uhm... yeah I need to go look.
Detana!! TwinBee
Jail Break
Pitfall II
Shao-lin's Road
Star Raiders
Sunse... fuck.
Time Pilot
And I'm just Level 2, 38/40, 4, 5, 3.

#4 Posted by beej (1675 posts) -
@Brackynews I fucking loved time pilot and twinbee.
#5 Posted by Peanut (964 posts) -

I rediscovered Game Room in the last week and I feel sad it's gone all over again. I just loved the idea of having a neat looking virtual arcade full of cool looking cabinets. I feel like I'm the only person on the planet still in there. When I bought like $20 worth of shit last week someone at Microsoft must have been super confused why anyone was spending money in Game Room on awful garbage like Blades of Steel and The Main Event.

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