It's working now! Everyone, go get Jungler!

#1 Posted by Shaneman (93 posts) -

That is all.

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#7 Posted by Atomic_Tangerine (360 posts) -

I dunno, it's a pretty expensive joke...
#8 Posted by Baillie (4678 posts) -

Game room wasn't working, now it is. It wasn't really a joke.

#9 Edited by Brianmcdon (86 posts) -

Just played a good few games, Jungler sucks, Lunar Lander on the other hand, awesome.

#10 Edited by Jasonofindy (270 posts) -

Ummm.  No.  I think I'll spend my points on the couple games that I think are actually worth it and then wait until next week's new batch of games.  If the original two game packs are indicative of the title mix going forward for at least the near future, it is looking like there will be one. maybe two, games a week that are worth my $2-$3 in points. 

#11 Posted by Daryl (1776 posts) -

I'd really rather not.

#12 Posted by EpicSteve (6908 posts) -

I got centipede and jungler.

#13 Posted by syzygyeolith (114 posts) -

I don't really get it.  

You've got hugely popular and highly polished xbox arcade games like 'Geom Wars Evol', 'Winterbottom', and 'Shadow Complex' (they all have leaderboards, so I would consider them fair game to compare to this) and etc etc for 800 MP, and they're charging 240 for these tiny (and lets face it..) mini games. I guess it's appealing for the ultra competitive types (with ultra competitive friends on their list), but it just doesn't seem to be great value, considering how bland most of these game are (or by how unlikely it is your friends would buy them too). 
I understand that they were trying to keep the games looking authentic, but eh, I guess you just had to be there to really enjoy it.

#14 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I want to buy every game from this service. I'm just so TEMPTED. Augh.  
Also 3 bucks is dirt cheap, and these games aren't mini-games. They're full, proper arcade and Atari games, and some people still enjoy those.  
As it stands I have... two quarters worth to play games, but not enough for a full game. Drats.  Must buy pointssss.

#15 Posted by Googly (248 posts) -

Bought Asteroids, Centipede, Tempest and Jungler only because I was curious about it.  Nothing else looked terribly appealing to me. 

#16 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

Already got it >_> wanted to see a game that came out 7 years before i was even born.

#17 Posted by TorgoGrooves89 (336 posts) -

Got it, sucked at it, couldn't even get the bronze medal in high score after a few attempts, was much better at Crystal Castles.

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