Let's do some Math !

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A game cost 3$. 
For the sake of the argument, let's average the amount of games that come out each week at 5. 
52 weeks a year. 
3 * 5 * 52 = 780$ 
now, we know that there are at least 5,000 subscribers because the bombcast remains. that means that 16 members just payed for jeffs obsession. i'll estimate 1000 of them are yearly subs. so you have a 0.016 chance of buying jeff some old ass games like "Bridge" and "Chess".
If I'm one of those 16, seeing as we get some funny ass videos out of it, I'm ok with it. Are you ? (finger pointing towards the forth wall)
And while we are estimating, let's take some wild guesses folks.
when will game room stop releasing games ? 
when will they stop updating the room ?  
when will they turn off the servers and leave you with your offline game room ? 
Of course, i'm not ill wishing anyone and anything, but the air is filled with pessimistic aroma in the game room. or maybe an avatar ripped one out... 

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The games suck, but Jeff and the gang make them soooooo funny.  I consider that a subscription well spent.  From the looks of it Game Room is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  They could only scrape up 4 old ass games this week.  The end must be near.

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I enjoyed your post. 
Game Room will never stop! Jeff will fund it himself of they threaten to shut it down. 

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@JJWeatherman: I enjoy your posts as well. :)
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I just pulled out my copy of Intellivison Lives for the PS2. I bought it for $5 in 2007. Thats 60 games for a little over 8 cents a piece. I would like to know where my awesome Thin Ice score would be on the leaderboards though.

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I think its worth it just for these videos hah
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As much as I wish I was funding his Game Room addiction, Jeff pays for these out of his pocket.

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