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In watching the weekly Game Room Quick Looks, at some point I found I could count on at least one hand the number of games on that service I felt were worth paying $3 for.  And so I installed Game Room on my laptop, and bought four fingers' worth of games: Major Havoc, Tower of Doom, Utopia, and H.E.R.O.  What I've found, though, is that the games feel sluggish, and I'm trying to figure out what settings to adjust on both the computer itself and in the game.  Yeah, I am running this on a laptop, but it's decently good, if not pretty good, as far as laptops go.  ASUS brand, i3 processor (dual 2.27Ghz), 4GB of RAM, 300+GB of hard drive space.  I know there is a general slowdown because not only is the interface sluggish, when you watch a game being played on one of the virtual cabinets, it's running faster than when you're playing it yourself.
Actually, part of the problem may be this computer's power saver settings.  There's like four of them and I don't know what any of them do.  I just keep it in Super Power Savin' Mode all the time.  So I might flip one of those switches and see what happens.  But to those of you who have run Game Room on a PC, do you get emulation slowdown and have you found any graphics settings/filters that can improve performance?

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