What has been your favorite game room quick look moment?

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Mine has to be Brad and Jeff playing hockey. Brad seemed pumped at first, both were just so confused while playing. 
It's just so unresponsive on the controls..
How do I shoot?
Turn around, turn around again.
Yeah dude, this is hockey.
I have very little sense that I'm actually interacting with this game.
What's yours?

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When jeff sighs while playing hockey

#3 Posted by TurboMan (8157 posts) -

Every week at the end when Jeff gives up all hope on Game Room.

#4 Posted by Kowbrainz (949 posts) -

I just like the running gags with the broken avatars. Otherwise can't remember much game specific stuff.

#5 Posted by Guyzea (801 posts) -

Jeff playing Motocross with the ghost bikes.

#6 Posted by Teeknuts (200 posts) -

Probably the all-jungler room and then the return of the all-jungler room.

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Jeff's increasingly blatant frustration at how badly Gameroom has been supported. It's sad but funny at the same time.

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It's gotta be Concentration. The only game that sounds like several robots have died simultaneously when you screw up.

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@paradox121 said:
" It's gotta be Concentration. The only game that sounds like several robots have died simultaneously when you screw up. "
this and Checkers(too much of the processor required for the computer to think AND show the screen at the same time).
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Jeff playing concentration 

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@Victor018 said:
" www.HotOinkTips.com "
lol. I wish I remembered that.
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Ryan's reaction to Checkers on the Atari 2600.

#14 Posted by ThePickle (4265 posts) -
@carlthenimrod said:
" Ryan's reaction to Checkers on the Atari 2600. "
@Victor018 said:
" www.HotOinkTips.com "
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Jeff tricking Ryan - "Yeah I totally tricked you." - "Oh you asshole. I can't believe I've been roped into this twice in a week." 
Jeff playing Chess - "I think I broke it." 
Ryan watching Chess - "I hate Game Room so much." 
Jeff downloading Sonic Adventure - "Wait, why did I just do that? I hate Sonic Adventure!" 
Ryan babbling while Tails speaks in Sonic Adventure - "Woooahhh wooahhhh ooohhhaaa."  
Off the top of my head.
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 Definitely when Jeff tricked Ryan into gameroom:
J: "Yea, I totally tricked you"
R "Oh, you asshole."

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