"You Have To Use Your Hands? This Game is For Babies!"

#1 Posted by ProfessorZombie (91 posts) -

 I get it. Pay homage to the old school. But really. Why would they give us games that do NOT age well. Its like giving us a stone wheel from thousands of years ago and say, 'remember this? Pay me money, and you can play with this on a racetrack'! In fact, wouldn't you rather have a 1960-70s muscle car to drive around? My analogy of the muscle car can be translated into better arcade games like,  Saturday Night Slam Masters, Alien Vs. Predator Arcade, any NEO-GEO game... I never EVER went back to the peeping dot, or the duck thats supposed to be a dragon when I played the NES or Master System.      
Do you feel the same way?

#2 Posted by Rothbart (412 posts) -

Yeah, I feel ya. I've looked through Game Room a couple of times, and there are 5, maaaaybe 10 games worth buying there out of the who knows how many, and yet they don't seem to be slowing down or amping up their production criteria. Nostalgia can only carry you so far, then it just becomes torture. Imagine paying three bucks to see the some of the first "movies" from when film was first invented, there's a reason we've moved on, I think.

#3 Posted by DarkbeatDK (1640 posts) -

Oh what could have been!
It surely can't be licensing issues that you can't acquire since Neo Geo games and other arcade classics seems to be released on Wii ware en masse.

#4 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

You seem to be forgetting that a lot of people grew up with these games and would gladly pay money for the nostagia trip, even if the games aren't as good as they remember.

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