A Super Sized Version of Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr

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A couple of dudes at 21Tanks.com have created a super-sized version of Nintendo's classic Game & Watch game, Donkey Kong Jr:

It looks like good fun, and I can easily see how it's quirky quality would keep clients amused while they wait. The colour of the housing is wrong though, it should be a sexy metallic ice blue on single screen Donkey Kong Jr, orange was only used on the larger dual screen Donkey Kong. Anyway, It looks really satisfying pushing that big'ol D-Pad...Oversized controls really appeal to the kid in me, last year I went all giddy when I played Tetris Dekaris for the first time.


If you fancy taking a memory lane once in a while, Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr is available to buy in the 3DS eShop at the lowest price bracket.

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