GameCube best games?

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I hope that's not in order. Super Smash Bros Melee needs to be much higher. (I now see it's in alphabetical order. I'm an idiot, I know)

As for suggestions, I really liked Super Mario Strikers. It's completely insane when you start playing on the higher levels and it's really fun with friends.

(And I also forgot Tales of Symphonia, that's a really good game.)

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Damnit, now i'm trolling ebay for a Gamecube.

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@Claude said:

@handlas said:

No one said Zelda Windwaker? Was that not a Gamecube game?

For some reason...just today...buying a Gamecube popped into my brain and won't go away. I must be going slightly insane myself. I thought maybe I should just get a Wii but having a Gamecube just sounds more intriguing.

So thanks for the list. I may actually follow thru with this. I really miss the Resident Evil remake that never got released on anything else.

Actually, there's a Wii remake of the Gamecube remake. Well, slightly better with 480p.


Didn't know that. And damn them for never remaking RE2 with those purty graphics.

@AlexW00d said:

I wouldn't bother, all of the good games will cost a lot of money.

Goddamnit who tricked me in to posting advice in a necro-ed thread.

me sorry. But that advice can be applied to me. Used games on Amazon are fairly cheap it seems.

edit: Several hours later. Done. Gamecube bought with Resident Evil. Wee. I feel dumb.

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