Gamecube Games - WiiU Virtual Console or HD remakes?

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With the announcement of Wind Waker in HD. Do you think this means Nintendo is planning on only bringing over specific Gamecube titles in a HD format or if this is a special case and eventually the rest will appear on the Virtual Console?

It is clear they are doing a HD Wind Waker now to put a zelda title on the WiiU while they are making the next one (and I believe Eiji Aonuma pointed out how they are doing Wind Waker specifically because of how the lighting system in HD gives a very different look), but do you think this telling of Nintendo's plan overall (especially since they weren't mentioned in the announcement of Virtual Console returning to the WiiU)? They could be planning to do HD versions of others as well since the players who might be interested in GC titles likely at least own a backwards compatible Wii already (and it may seem like not that much more of an effort to put in if they also have to impliment off-TV-play on the Virtual Console ones anyway).

Do you think this is a one off or if they are planning on more? Or do you expect a mix of both, with either: some specific titles getting a HD version while most will be straight port; or, the virtual console system having a built-in up-rez overlay like the Dolphin software on Wii titles (although I think it is unlikely with them not implimenting that on the Wii backwards compatability)?

And what games do you hope will be brought over? I'm hoping for:

  • At least one of the Pokémon titles; Colosseum or XD:Gale of Darkness - the first I have played, while I haven't played the second
  • The Metroid Prime series - Although that includes a Wii game, I think it would be great if they released this in HD and then made the next Metroid game a side-scroller.
  • The original Super Monkey Ball - even though it wasn't Nintendo's
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I'd love to see an Hd remake of Skies of Arcadia Legends even though its a sega game.

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Those games continue to live on in the hearts and minds of all of us.

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@Dixavd said:

  • The Metroid Prime series - Although that includes a Wii game, I think it would be great if they released this in HD and then made the next Metroid game a side-scroller.

The Metroid Prime Collection is a Wii game?

I suppose the Wii isn't HD, though... Did they change anything at all to those games?

All I've succeeded in doing here is confusing myself.

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Those Pokemon titles are...kinda shitty. They're better off making Pokemon Stadium 3. The first two had awesome minigames, so the new one could do something even better with Wii U's controls.

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@GetEveryone: I know they added Wiimote support to the Metroid Prime 1 and 2 in that collection. I think the achievement thing that Retro started in the third game spans the whole series in the collection too. Not sure about them upping the visuals beyond adding widescreen support, though.

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@GetEveryone Yeah it's a wii game the games were changes to display in widescreen and support the wii remote. It includes all three games and is rare and can be expensive to get now.
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@Rave said:

@GetEveryone It is rare and can be expensive to get now.

Did not know that. Bought it last year for about £30 brand new and now I'm tempted to re-sell (haven't touched it)...

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@GetEveryone I've tries looking online for copies (didn't look terribly hard) my version of expensive is in the range of $100-150 and I have heard of the odd copy at retail for $60.

So maybe hold onto that copy awhile longer. I have a copy of Suikoden 2 which is apparently pretty rare, is judging by eBay prices really a fair gauge of what you can get?
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@Rave: If you go buy actual auctions and not buy it now prices, yeah it can be a good estimate.

The Prime Trilogy actually had slightly reduced graphics from the standalone games. Various special effects were missing from it.

I've little doubt that Gamecube games will eventually appear on there. Nintendo would be foolish to not do so.

I'd love to see Mario Sunshine get similar treatment to Wind Waker instead of just a straight port, though. Even if not having assets remade, then at the very least upres it to HD.

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Virtual Console releases would be fine with me. It'd be awesome if Nintendo made certain games like F-Zero and Mario Kart Double Dash online. That would be wild, but Nintendo still doesn't seem to understand online.
The Pokemon GC games I think would have a hard time being ported though due to all the GBA connectivity.

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Four Swords. Replace the GBAs and link cables with 3DSes and Bluetooth or something.

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I hope they make more HD remakes I would love to see viewtiful joe remade in hd.

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I hope they bring a lot of the games to VC, but remake some of the more outstanding games. GCN discs are only like, 1.1GB, that's not long to download at all if you've got decent internet

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Remake the Resident Evil remake, it's just starting to show its age.

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