How much do you think I could sell this for?

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First of all, I hope Gamestop still buys Gamecubes off people. I'm going to need some extra cash for my Senior Ball. So I'm going to try to sell some stuff. First off being my Gamecube and all the game I have for it (about 20 games) I know I'm going to get almost next to nothing to for each item, but any rough guesses for what I will get?

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From what I remember it's about $10 for a trade-in at GS. (We sell it for $30.) 20% less for cash, so that's $8. Games vary, but surprisingly high. Probably $1-3 on average, and $5-10 for a Mario game.

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Depends on what games, but I'd say probably $100 to $150...

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I also have a portable screen for the Gamecube. Will Gamestop give any extra for that as well?

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Gamecube?  You'll get about $9.00.  That's about how much I got for mine.

The games?  Depends on the games.  My copy of Ikaruga went for about $17, while Mario Kart Double Dash only fetched about $3.
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Sell it on ebay. Remember for cash gamestop give you like 30% less or something close to that.

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I'd sell my soul before I'd sell my Gamecube. If you have a Wii, I can understand how you don't exactly need it, but if that's the case, I advise you not to fool yourself and just sell your Wii instead.

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I need to sell it by the end of this week so Ebay is no good. And I don't have a Wii, but if I did, you can bet your ass I'd sell it...

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God, dude, I should just sell my Wii, huh? I keep thinking like "Dude, if I sell it now, there's gonna be some huge game that comes out that everybody has to play and will love and then I'll want to own a Wii again". But uhh... people think Super Mario Galaxy is that great, and truthfully, I can't even honestly say that it's even "good". I considered selling it on ebay around Christmas time so I could probably break even, but I never went through with it. I think really I'd feel better just donating it somewhere, like to a children's hospital or something. What do ya think?

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How can even an unrelated thread like this take the usual course of the Wii bash fad around here? What the hell is wrong with people...

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I don't think any one game is worth owning a system for. Sure it's a cool feeling to have your feelings come true for getting that game you've been waiting for. But I know I wouldn't be too troubled if I missed out on only that one game because I sold my system for some needed cash. So I say if you aren't currently having fun with a system and you don't see any game you are interested in on the horizon, sell it. And besides, I could just play that special game at a friends house if I really wanted to...

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Al3xand3r said:
"How can even an unrelated thread like this take the usual course of the Wii bash fad around here? What the hell is wrong with people..."
I'm more concerned about those who immediately jump on the defensive when a contrary--yet equally valid--opinion is cast out into the world.

It had no malice toward your Wii. He just didn't like it. Big deal.
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When did I defend anything? I didn't say NO YOUR RONG, WII RULEZ or something, I simply commented on how ridiculous it is to go this off topic in unrelated threads. I guess the next logical statement is how ridiculous it is you're labelled as a defence force so easily.

Meh. System wars mentality, oh how fun it is.

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Used GameCubes are going for like, little over twenty-dollars over at Amazon.

Scroll down to where it says "used".

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