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Gamelon is an island that was ruled by Duke Onkled, the King of Hyrule's cousin. It is generally assumed that Duke Onkled ruled the island fairly, until it was suddenly conquered by the evil forces of Gannon. During this time of terror, the island was overrun by monsters, who constantly terrorised the formerly peaceful inhabitants.
But with aid from Hyrule's Princess, Zelda, the islanders were saved and Gannon was defeated. She also exposed Duke Onkled as a corrupt and treacherous ruler, as it turned out he allowed Gannon to invade his island and capture the King!
And so with Gannon overthrown and Duke Onkled scrubbing all the floors in Hyrule (as punishment for his actions), it is currently unknown who the new ruler of Gamelon is, or how the recovery efforts by the inhabitants are progressing.

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